Terms of Use


General Information

The Meir Amit Intelligence and Terrorism Information Center (ITIC) operates as a part of the Israeli Intelligence Heritage and Commemoration Center NGO, and disseminates research written by its analysts as a public service. The research and materials are published on the ITIC website, subject to the following conditions:


Pursuant to Israeli and international copyright laws, the ITIC owns the copyrights to its research and the materials published on its website. The research and materials include but are not limited to texts, pictures, maps, audio and video material, graphics and software applications, unless the materials are the property of another entity.

The user is entitled to make “fair use” of the research and materials according to accepted law. “Fair use” includes reasonable quotation. The user must quote the source of the quotation, whether the source is the ITIC or any other source. The user is forbidden to distort, damage or make any change to, or carry out any action that lessens the value of the research and materials, or in any way might harm the dignity or the reputation of the copyright owner.


ITIC research and materials are presented to the public “As is.” The ITIC is in no way responsible for suiting its research and materials to the needs of users. The ITIC reserves the right to remove or change the contents of its website at any time. In addition, the ITIC takes no responsibility for any error or inaccuracy that may appear in its research and materials or for changes that may be made to them by a third party, even with prior permission from the ITIC.

The ITIC bears no responsibility for any damage incurred directly or indirectly by the user or a third party resulting from use of the research and materials. That includes damage resulting from computer applications downloaded through the ITIC website or activated by the use of any Internet application (such as JavaScript, Java, Active-X, etc.).

Any disagreement or dispute with the ITIC will be adjudicated exclusively by Israel’s legal system in the Tel Aviv district.


The ITIC website provides links to other websites. All the aforementioned terms of use are in force for the use of links. The use of links does not reduce, change or lessen any of the aforementioned conditions. The links are provided exclusively for the user’s convenience. At the time a link was inserted into the ITIC website it was found suitable for the ITIC’s objectives and was itself bona fide. It is possible that after time changes may have been made to the contents of the linked website. Regarding links to third party websites, if not otherwise noted, there is no legal or commercial connection between the ITIC and the owner or owners of third party websites, and the ITIC has no control over or rights to the material appearing on third party websites. The ITIC is in no way responsible for material appearing on a third party website.

Links to third party websites are not to be interpreted as having ITIC approval, confirmation, authorization, recommendation or preference, including all documents and/or other material found on them. No warranty is given that the information on external websites is definitive, truthful or reliable. External websites are accessed exclusively at the discretion of the user and their use is the user’s exclusive responsibility.

Correspondence and Communication with the ITIC

Any question regarding the ITIC website or any of the ITIC’s activities should be sent to: info@terrorism-info.org.il