Takeover of Albukamal, the last stronghold of the Islamic State

  • On November 19, 2017, the Syrian army and the Shiite forces supporting it, with Russian air support, took over the city of Albukamal from ISIS. Albukamal was the last city remaining in the hands of the Islamic State in Syria. Its fall symbolized the end of the era of the Islamic State in Syria and the transformation of ISIS into a terror and guerrilla organization which does not have to defend a territorial framework.
  • Following is a video showing the takeover of Albukamal, based on videos made during the takeover of the city. The videos were released by the Syrian TV, Lebanese Hezbollah, and a TV channel affiliated with it, on November 18-20, 2017, and cover the following issues: Russian Air Force air support prior to the ground operation in Albukamal; fighting in an urban area by the Syrian army and Shiite militias supporting it; launching antitank missiles and firing light arms; the activity of Qods Force Commander Qassem Soleimani, including his meeting with the Shiite militias and the victory photo-op of fighting forces at the Clock Square in east Albukamal.[1] To watch the video on the website, click here.

[1] The video is based on the following sources: YouTube account of Hezbollah’s Military Spokesman's Office, November 18-20, 2017; Hezbollah-affiliated Al-Mayadeen News YouTube channel, November 20, 2017; Syrian TV, November 20, 2017.