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Ali Mussa Daqduq (Abu Hussein Sajed): portrait of the commander of Hezbollah’s military network in the Syrian Golan Heights (“the Golan Portfolio”)

The IDF spokesman recently exposed the existence of a military network which Hezbollah started to establish in the Syrian Golan Heights since the summer of 2018 (following the Syrian army’s takeover of the Golan Heights from the rebels, with Hezbollah operatives alongside the Syrian army ). The network includes dozens of operatives residing in the villages of the northern Golan Heights who are also equipped with weapons. The network structure, referred to as “the Golan Portfolio,” is still at the first stages of establishing its presence near the Israeli border and has not yet reached operational capability.

Summary of Events Along the Gaza Strip Border

Apparently for the first time since August 2018, significant progress was again made in contacts for an Egyptian-mediated arrangement. It also appears a minimalist arrangement was discussed, which will lead to a lessening of violence on the ground in return for opening the crossings and the entrance of humanitarian aid into the Gaza Strip (based on arrangements reached at the end of Operation Protective Edge).

Estimate of Hezbollah’s fatalities during the Syrian civil war and the conclusions arising from the analysis of their identity

As part of a study on the fatalities (shahids) of Hezbollah in Syria, the names of 1,139 operatives, killed in 2011-2018, were identified. To this number, the ITIC believes that we can add a possible deviation range of 10% of fatalities whose names were not found due to various reasons. Thus, the number of Hezbollah fatalities in Syria may reach about 1,250 (updated to late December 2018). The study is based on dozens of sources, mostly Facebook pages and Internet websites affiliated with Hezbollah and dedicated to commemorate the organization’s fatalities.

Spotlight on Global Jihad (January 18-24, 2018)

Turkey and the rebels sponsored by it launched a military operation against a Kurdish enclave in Ifrin, in northwestern Syria The operation is directed against the Kurdish force (YPG). This week, the Syrian forces took over the Abu al-Duhur military airbase south of Aleppo. In eastern Syria, ISIS continues to carry out intensive attacks against the Kurdish SDF forces east of the Euphrates River.

Popular Terrorism: The Current Situation

On October 26, 2017, about two years after the outbreak of the wave of popular terrorism (early October, 2015), there was a shooting attack in the community of Har Adar (northwest of Jerusalem). It was a terrorist attack carried out as part of the strategy the Palestinians call "popular resistance."