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Hamas summer camps in the Gaza Strip integrate social activities with political and Islamic indoctrination and semi-military training.

The camps’ goal is to foster the next generation of Hamas terrorist operatives.

Hezbollah uses its summer camps to indoctrinate youngsters with radical Shi’ite Islamic ideology, which includes: terrorist culture, hatred against Israel, Hassan Nasrallah’s personality cult, the glorification of Hezbollah’s martyrs.

The aim is to prepare the youngsters mentally for supporting Hezbollah and, in due course, for joining the organization.

Summer camps in the Gaza Strip run by Hamas and other terrorist organizations inculcate youngsters with radical Islamic ideology and the culture of terrorism.

Every year Hamas and other terrorist networks organize summer camps in the for Palestinians youngsters from the age of kindergarten to university. The camps indoctrinate them with radical Islamic ideology and the organizations’ culture of terrorism (“the resistance”). It is part of a continuing process, which begins in kindergarten and ends with university students, to

Summer Camps Organized by the Palestinian

Authority for Schoolchildren: Will the Messages of Hatred and Violence Be Replaced by Messages of Peace and Love?

The Palestinian Islamic Jihad opens military training camps for adolescents

On June 12, 2023, the recruiting unit of the Jerusalem Brigades, the Palestinian Islamic Jihad's (PIJ) military-terrorist wing, opened training camps for adolescents in the Gaza Strip, calling them "the camps of Operation Free Men's Revenge" [the name the Palestinians gave Operation Shield and Arrow]. The camps were held at Jerusalem Brigades military facilities. According to the camp organizers, their objective was to give them the tools that would enable them to join the Jerusalem Brigades as operatives. Hamas and the PIJ regard the summer camps as very important. They are organized by their military-terrorist wings every year . The pictures which follow are of this year's PIJ training camps and document their military nature, whose objective is to train the youths for induction into the Jerusalem Brigades' units as soon as possible to fill the ranks which were depleted in Operation Shield and Arrow (May 2023).

Fatah summer campers in the Nablus district undergo military training

The Nablus branch of Fatah recently held summer camps for children and adolescents in the village of Bayta, south of the city. Videos of camp activities posted to the Palestinian social media showed the youth, some of them armed with rifles, undergoing military training. Apparently, the Fatah camp in Bayta was held because of the increasing participation of Fatah and its military-terrorist wing in the recent violent clashes between the Israeli security forces and Palestinians. Bayta was apparently not randomly chosen as the venue for the summer camps.