About the Library

The library and computerized information service are part of the Intelligence and Terrorism Information Center and part of the activities of the Israel Intelligence Heritage and Commemoration Center. The library and computerized data center house the greatest concentration of information about intelligence and terrorism in Israel. The library provides borrowing services and bibliographical services to a wide and varied public, including IICC members, the Israeli intelligence community, the IDF, academia, intelligence and terrorism experts, and the general public.

The library has an extensive collection of books, scanned articles, videos, newspaper excerpts, presentations, posters, maps and documents seized during Israel’s wars, in Hebrew, English and Arabic. In the field of intelligence, the library has a wide variety of literature and articles dealing with the theory and methodology of intelligence, Israeli and foreign intelligence services, the history of intelligence, espionage affairs etc. In the field of terrorism, it focuses on Palestinian terrorism, counterterrorism, Hezbollah, the global jihad, radical Islam, Hamas, Al-Qaeda, ISIS, and incitement to terrorism and hatred (including a unique collection of anti-Semitic literature in Arabic). There are also books and articles about the Israeli-Arab conflict; the politics, economy and social structure of the Arab countries; the history of the State of Israel; Israel’s national security, and more.

As part of preserving the heritage of intelligence, a unique project has started in 1999: documenting the history of intelligence in Israel, in photos and documents. As part of the project, photos and documents related to the history and heritage of the intelligence community were collected from IICC members and the Israeli intelligence community. At present, the collection includes thousands of photos and unique documents commemorating moments of intelligence activity by the various intelligence community wings from their inception until the present. Perusal and use of photos and documents which are part of the project are not free and special authorization is required to use each of the items.

The library and computerized information center are directed by a professional and experienced staff. The Library has a reading room, an Internet room, and computerized information retrieval. Books can be borrowed, and bibliographical advice is provided along with guidance (for individuals and groups, arranged in advance) in locating information on intelligence and terrorism.

The library is open to the general public. The library catalogue can be accessed through the ITIC website.

The library complies with copyright laws.

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