Intelligence Analysis – Understanding Reality in an Era of Dramatic Changes

Itai Brun
  • Itai Brun’s book deals with intelligence analysis – the process in which knowledge about the enemy and the environment is developed to serve decision-making in the fields of policy design, operational planning and force build up. Among other things, the book relates to the nature of intelligence analysis, the analysis methodology, the role of intelligence analysis in combat, and the impact of the information revolution on the analysis practice.
  • Having known him for many years, both as a commander and an intelligence officer, Itai’s skill at describing and explaining complex reality has always stood out. In his book, he provides up-to-date insight into the methodology and philosophy of intelligence analysis, an area hardly broached let alone written about. Brun presents his own experience and the best practices of the entire Israeli intelligence community, and he does so, as always, in a clear and concise manner.

Major General Herzi Halevi

Chief of Defense Intelligence

Brigadier General (Ret.) Itai Brun served as the head of Israel Defense Intelligence (IDI) Analysis Division from June 2011 to January 2015. Prior to this position, he was the head of the Analysis Department in the Israeli Air Force Intelligence and the first director of the IDF’s DADO Center for Interdisciplinary Military Studies.

The Intelligence Heritage Research Institute in the IICC (Israel Intelligence Commemoration Center) in Glilot – Ramat-Ha’Sharon, is dedicated to shed light on events and activities of the Israeli Intelligence community and on chapters in international Intelligence in general. Our objective is that actions of intelligence-organizations and their people will serve as an appropriate basis for drawing lessons & conclusions to be distributed amongst Intelligence community personnel, as well to the members of IICC.