Spotlight on Global Jihad (September 21-15 , 2022)

This week, there was relatively limited ISIS activity around the globe. In spite of the severe blow sustained by the leadership of ISIS’s Sinai Province, the organization continued its activity . ISIS continued to attack the Kurdish forces in the Deir ez-Zor-Al-Mayadeen region In Nigeria, there were clashes between operatives of ISIS’s West Africa Province and Boko Haram operatives. ISIS claimed responsibility for the organization’s activity in Benin.

ISIS spokesman Abu Umar al-Muhajir calls on Muslims around the world to join the organization’s ranks and criticizes other Islamist organizations

ISIS’s Al-Furqan Media Foundation released an audiotape by ISIS spokesman Abu Umar al-Muhajir entitled In the audiotape, the spokesman calls on ISIS operatives to liberate ISIS prisoners from prisons around the world. He also calls on Muslims around the world – especially in Syria, Iraq, Africa, Yemen, and East Asia – and non-Muslims to join the ranks of ISIS

Spotlight on Global Jihad (September 8-14, 2022)

This week there was a moderate decrease in ISIS’s activity around the globe. There were successful targeted killings in Turkey and Sinai. Turkey: A senior ISIS leader by the name of Bashar Khattab Ghazal al-Sumaidai was detained. He was initially identified as ISIS’s leader. Under interrogation, he admitted that he had held a senior position in ISIS. Several ISIS commanders who were planning an attack in Turkey were also detained. The Sinai Peninsula: Three senior operatives and a number of other operatives in ISIS’s Sinai Province were killed in a counterterrorism operation by the Egyptian army and the Sinai Tribal Union. Syria: ISIS continues to operate against the Kurdish SDF forces in the Deir ez-Zor-Al-Mayadeen region. There were clashes in the Al-Hawl camp in the Al-Hasakah region. In the desert area, ISIS operatives killed three fighters of the Fatemiyoun Brigade. Iraq: A decrease in the scope of ISIS’s activity during the week.

Senior ISIS leader Bashar al-Sumaidai detained in Turkey

A senior ISIS operative, Bashar Khattab Ghazal al-Sumaidai, was detained in Turkey. The Turkish authorities initially believed that they had arrested ISIS's Leader but his interrogation revealed his true identity. The identity of the current leader is unkown but it is highly likely that he is Juma Awad al-Badri, the brother of Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, ISIS's founder and first leader.

Spotlight on Global Jihad (August 11-17, 2022)

This week, the activity around the globe continued on a relatively low scale. Israeli security forces detained two residents on suspicion of activity for ISIS. The Egyptian army and the Sinai Tribal Union have been fighting for several days against ISIS near the Suez Canal. In Afghanistan The main attack was a suicide bombing against a senior Taliban cleric known for his opposition to ISIS.In In prison break-in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Dozens of Muslim prisoners were liberated.

Comments by Al-Qaeda and its supporters marking the anniversary of the September 11, 2001 attacks

Al-Sahab Foundation, which is affiliated with the Al-Qaeda leadership, published an announcement on behalf of the organization’s leadership marking the anniversary of the September 11, 2001 attacks, attributing to them the importance of a formative event in Islamic history.

New Hamas Fundraising Campaign: Hamas’ military wing began a new fundraising campaign about a month after the United States thwarted digital coin campaigns of Hamas, al-Qaeda and ISIS

On September 13, 2020, al-Jazeera TV broadcast an investigative report in its program "More Than Meets the Eye." The program dealt with the military buildup of the Izz al-Din Qassam Brigades, Hamas' military wing, and its improved fighting capabilities. After the broadcast, and in the wake of the normalization of Israel's relations with the UAE and Bahrain, a campaign was launched on the social networks (in Arabic) called "#support_the_resistance."

UN Committee on NGOs voted to grant the Palestinian Return Centre observer status, pending authorization.

UN Committee on NGOs voted to grant the Palestinian Return Centre observer status, pending authorization. The London-based PRC is affiliated with Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood and has played an important role in the campaign to delegitimize Israel.

The Iranian regime is preparing for its annual Jerusalem Day events, which will be held in Arab-Muslim countries around the globe and in the West.

The Iranian regime is preparing for its annual Jerusalem Day events, which will be held in Arab-Muslim countries around the globe and in the West. In addition to supporting the Palestinians’ extreme demands, the events will probably be exploited for anti-Israeli/anti-Western propaganda and incitement, and for strengthening the “resistance camp.”

Global Jihad

The global jihad is the name given to the international network of Islamist terrorist organizations sharing Al-Qaeda’s ideology. In fact, all the Muslim fundamentalist terrorist organizations in the world regard themselves as part of Islamic jihad. These groups have many supporters within the Islamic world, who adhere to a compelling religious justification for a military interpretation of the term jihad.

The full name of the global jihad is the “World Islamic Front for Jihad against Jews and Crusaders.” It serves as an umbrella organization for coalitions of terrorist organizations and independent terrorist networks with common ideologies and shared operational ties. 

The global jihad organizations base their activities on Islamist ideology, which regards the religion of Islam as a way of life, determining not only the individual’s way of life but also the character of the regime and society. The Islamic jihad organizations regard Western culture as the complete opposite of Islam. They consider the free world as the enemy of all Muslims. They despise the values of the West, especially democracy, secularism, equality and human rights. The Islamist terrorist organizations advocate all-out war, jihad, against those perceived as their enemies (in various places, Islamist terrorist organizations fight against different enemies), and perpetrate mass killings and massacres, mostly against unarmed random victims.
All the organizations in the global jihad strive to spread Islam and establish Islamic law in all the countries in the world through a jihad against the West and its allies (among them Israel and the pro-Western Arab states). Global jihad organizations advocate a total, uncompromising battle in which the ends justify any and all means. Some of the global jihad networks carry out independent terrorist attacks and others cooperate with each other at various levels.