Nazism in Palestinian society and the use of Nazi symbols

On August 14, 2021, Palestinians from the village of Bayta held a demonstration near the outpost of Eviatar in Samaria. The outpost was evacuated in July 2021, but as part of the agreement with the Israeli government, the land is still controlled by the IDF, an issue which is currently being examined by the Civilian Authority. During they demonstration they ignited rags soaked in kerosene forming a swastika inside a Magen David.

Palestinians rewrite history, part of a program to refute the Jewish narrative in order to delegitimize the State of Israel and the Jewish people by promoting the Palestinian narrative

On June 29 and 30, 2021, the Ramallah branch of the al-Quds Open University held a conference sponsored by Mahmoud Abbas. It was the first conference on "The Zionist Narrative Between Deconstruction and Destructuring," part of a larger program called "Deconstructing the Zionist Narrative," conducted by the University and Fatah social organizations (al-Quds Open University website in Arabic, July 5, 2021).

Social Media Attacks on pro-Israel Accounts During Operation “Guardian of the Walls” Malaysian Cyber Warfare

Recently, during the “Guardian of the Walls” operation in Gaza (May 10th – May 21st), there was a massive attack on mainstream social media and messaging platforms against Israelis and pro-Israelis. Those attacks led to aggressive spamming of pro-Israeli content and also to suspension or blocking of accounts. From an extensive web research, we found that the source of these social media attacks comes mostly from the Malaysian arena, organized and led by a network of Malaysian anti-Israel organizations and groups, with tremendous exposure online of hundreds of thousands of views and followers


The classic Christian anti-Semitism of the European countries began to take root in the Arab-Muslim World as a widespread phenomenon in the early twentieth century. Anti-Semitism in the Arab-Muslim World is generally directed at Israel as a Jewish-Zionist state and at the Jewish People that supports Israel, so that no clear distinction is made in the Arab-Muslim World between criticism of the State of Israel and incitement against the Jewish People. Anti-Semitism in the Arab-Muslim World is prominent in Iran, but it is also widespread among other Arab and Islamic regimes.

The de-legitimization campaign is a global campaign against Israel and the Jewish People that originated at the Durban conference in South Africa. Its goal is to brand Israel as a leper state and as an apartheid state in order to undermine its legitimacy and bring about its collapse, just as the apartheid regime in South Africa collapsed. Attempts to delegitimize Israel succeed in providing an ideological platform for promoting and leveraging a policy of sanctions, diversion of investments and boycotts in a wide range of areas such as academia, culture and sports, the economy, defense and more.

The de-legitimization campaign is also characterized by organized convoys and flotillas to the Gaza Strip, protest demonstrations, marches, events marking anniversaries, boycotting Israeli goods and more. The organizers of the de-legitimization events try to attract widespread media coverage and challenge Israel to respond to them.

To manage the de-legitimization campaign, organizations affiliated with radical Islam joined forces with extreme leftist organizations, human rights organizations, and NGOs from Western countries. The de-legitimization campaign is now characterized mainly by anti-Israeli activity in the West, together with the campaign to boycott Israel (BDS). In the past, the partners in the de-legitimization campaign carried out activities such as convoys and flotillas to the Gaza Strip.