Weekly Updates

Spotlight on Iran (May 2, 2021 – May 13, 2021)

Sources in Syria reported that the Afghan militia, the Fatemiyoun Brigade, which operates in Syria under the guidance of the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC) has begun recruiting local Syrians into its ranks. Iran’s newly appointed Ambassador to Damascus, Mehdi Sobhani, assumed him position after it was confirmed by the Iranian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Iraqi protesters in the city of Karbala in southern Iraq torched the wall of the Iranian consulate in the city. The Head of Hamas’ Politburo, Ismail Hanniyeh, sent a message to the supreme leader of Iran, updating him about the latest developments in Jerusalem, and calling on the Muslim world to stand by the Palestinians in the struggle against Israel’s policies in the city, and to support to the Palestinian “resistance.”

Spotlight on Global Jihad (May 6-12, 2021)

The fourth week of Ramadan was also marked by a relatively high number of attacks, mainly in Iraq and Africa. Syria: An IED was activated against a Syrian army ATV in the desert region (Al-Badia). The vehicle was destroyed and the passengers were killed or wounded. Iraq: The week, ISIS concentrated its activity mainly in the Kirkuk Province, where its operatives carried out several attacks against camps of the Iraqi security forces. Africa: There appears to have been a slight decrease in ISIS’s activity this week. Afghanistan: This week, for the first time, ISIS carried out activity against infrastructure in the country, as part of what it calls its economic war. Germany has outlawed several Islamic organizations affiliated with Al-Qaeda in Somalia and Syria.

News of Terrorism and the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict (May 5 – 11, 2021)

Events in east Jerusalem: This past week hostilities in east Jerusalem escalated, peaking on May 10, 2021, when Israel celebrated Jerusalem Day. Terrorist attacks: This past week Border Police fighters prevented a shooting attack at the Salem Crossing (west of Jenin), planned by three armed, shooting Palestinians. The Israeli security forces exposed a Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP) network in Judea and Samaria which financed terrorist activities with funds sent by humanitarian aid agencies and NGOs operating mainly in Europe. The international arena: This past week Palestinian foreign minister Riyad al-Maliki visited Moscow and Ankara and met with the foreign ministers. Coronavirus: This past week there was a decrease in the extent of Covid-19 cases in Judea, Samaria and the Gaza Strip.

Spotlight on Global Jihad (April 30 – May 5, 2021)

The third week of Ramadan was marked by a further increase in the number of ISIS attacks, mainly in Iraq and Africa. Syria: In the Daraa region, the terrorist attacks against the Syrian army continued this week. Iraq: This week as well, there has been an increase in ISIS’s terrorist activity. Sinai: After a period of relative calm, ISIS operatives attacked local residents in the village of Al-Amal, south of Al-Arish, on suspicion of collaborating with the Egyptian army. Three members of their families were killed. Africa: ISIS-affiliated elements continue their terrorist activity, mainly against military targets.

News of Terrorism and the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict (April 28 May 4, 2021)

Terrorist attacks: This past week three terrorist attacks were attempted or carried out in Judea and Samaria. Palestinian Authority (PA) elections: At a meeting of the Palestinian leadership Mahmoud Abbas announced the postponement of the Palestinian Legislative Council (PLC) elections, which were supposed to be held on May 22, 2021. East Jerusalem: Media coverage continues of east Jerusalem and the "victory" of the Palestinians who struggled to have the barriers removed. The international arena: The EU parliament voted to condemn UNRWA for the incitement to hatred and violence in textbooks used in its schools in the Palestinian territories.

Spotlight on Iran (April 18, 2021 – May 2, 2021)

Iranian threats toward Israel: the chief of staff of Iran’s Armed Forces threatened with Iranian retaliation if Israel persists in striking Iranian interests in Syria and at sea. In addition, the commander of the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC) threatened that Iran will respond to any “evil action” by the “Zionists” against it, with a force equal to the blow it is dealt, or even with greater force.

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