Weekly Updates

Spotlight on Iran (April 18 – May 5, 2019)

Negotiations continue between Iran and Russia concerning the settlement of the war in Syria. Iran is keeping up with its efforts to secure its interests in Iraq. A delegation of the Iranian-Palestinian parliamentary friendship caucus visited Lebanon and Syria and met with senior officials in both countries, as well as the deputy secretary general of Hezbollah, the secretary general of Palestinian Islamic Jihad and the deputy head of Hamas’ political bureau

Spotlight on Global Jihad (April 18 – May 1, 2019)

In light of ISIS’s difficulties in Syria and Iraq, during the past month, the organization has increased the scope of its attacks abroad, in terms of both “quality” and quantity. The focus of ISIS’s terrorist and guerrilla attacks around the world was a series of simultaneous suicide bombing attacks in three cities and seven locations in Sri Lanka. In the Syria and Iraqi arena, ISIS continues its guerrilla activity. ISIS’s terror attacks abroad were accompanied by a media campaign, culminating in the distribution of a new tape by the organization’s leader, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi.

News of Terrorism and the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict (April 17– April 30, 2019)

In the Gaza Strip, 6,000 to 7,000 Palestinians participated in the Friday return marches of April 19 and 26, gathering at the five usual sites. The level of violence continued to be relatively low. On April 28, 2019, a rocket was launched from the Gaza Strip at Israeli territory. Senior Hamas figures continued to threaten Israel with a renewal of violence if Israel did not implement the understandings reached. In Judea and Samaria, a stabbing attack targeting Border Police fighter was prevented.

Spotlight on Iran (April 7, 2019 – April 18, 2019)

On April 8, the United States Department of State announced that the Iranian Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC) will be designated as a foreign terrorist organization starting April 15. In response, Iran designated the Central Command of the U.S. Armed Forces (CENTCOM), which covers the Middle East, as a terrorist organization. The American designation aroused a wave of sharp condemnations and threats from senior Iranian officials and supporters of Iran in the region. The Supreme Leader of Iran, Khamenei, declared that the U.S. decision is “a vicious move” that will not bear fruit, while the Commander of the IRGC, Ja'fari, threatened that if the U.S. dares to threaten Iran’s national security, Iran will act against U.S. forces in the region.

Spotlight on Global Jihad (April 11-17, 2019)

In the Syrian arena, the ongoing fighting is now concentrated in the Idlib area. In the Iraqi arena, ISIS’s intensive activity continues in the various provinces in the north and west of the country. ISIS continued its media campaign designed to encourage and raise the morale of its operatives following the blow that it had suffered in Syria.

News of Terrorism and the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict (April 9– April 16, 2019)

This past week the level of violence demonstrated at the return march was again relatively low (about 7,500 people participated in the march events). Hamas spokesman Husam Badran said the understandings reached meant an improvement in the standard of living in the Gaza Strip. The Hamas-operated Night Harassment Units said they intended to renew their activities with greater intensity. On April 15, 2019, an agreement was reached to end the hunger strike of the Palestinian terrorists in Israeli jails.

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