Palestinian Terrorism: Analysis of 2017 and Forecast for 2018

During 2017 the number of terrorist attacks continued to decline. There were 82 significant terrorist attacks, as compared with 142 in 2016 and 134 during the last three months of 2015. In 2017 there were between 4 and 7 significant terrorist attacks a month, but there were also months when the numbers rose to between 10 and 13. Despite the decline in the number of attacks, there was no decline in the number of deaths they caused.

Major Challenges Faced by Iran in the Regional Arena in 2018

The far-reaching political transformations that have occurred in recent years in the Arab world created new opportunities for Iran to increase its regional clout.

Recent Hamas-led campaign for mass popular marches to the Israeli border. The objective is to create Arab and international pressure to resolve the Gaza Strip’s international pressure to resolve the Gaza Strip’s economic hardship and to challenge Israel.

An idea has recently been examined in the Gaza Strip to organize mass "non-violent" protest marches to Israel's border, whose participants will attempt to break into Israeli territory. An idea was also proposed to set up a "return camp" near the border which will have a permanent presence of Palestinian marchers.

Iranian Responses to Growing Tensions with Israel and an Initial Assessment of Their Implications from an Iranian Standpoint

The initial public statement from Iran with regards to these extraordinary security developments in Israel’s northern front reflect an Iranian effort to play down its role in the events; display a united front between Iran, Syria and Hezbollah vis-à-vis Israel; present the downing of the Israeli jet as a success of the “Resistance Front” and as a change of the rules of the game regarding the continuation of Israeli violations of Syrian sovereignty. This is will be expounded on below.

The Palestinian Authority, senior Palestinian religious leaders and local figures in east Jerusalem are waging a campaign to keep the Israeli curriculum out of east Jerusalem schools.

In recent months Palestinians have been waging a campaign in Jerusalem to prevent the introduction of the Israeli curriculum into Palestinian educational institutions in east Jerusalem.

Hamas’ strategic priority of military buildup over civilian infrastructure and population needs contributes greatly to the severe hardships in the Gaza Strip.

Recently, the issue of the severe economic situation of the Gaza Strip became part of the Palestinian, Israeli and international agenda. The hardships are manifested by the failing civilian infrastructure (medicine, supply of electricity, water, sewage disposal) and by the worsening of the quality of life of the Gazan population.

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