The impact of the withdrawal of the American troops from Syria on the campaign against ISIS (Initial Assessment)

On December 19, 2018, four years after the American campaign against ISIS began, President Trump announced that ISIS had been defeated and America had won. Therefore, Trump and the American administration announced that the United States would withdraw its troops from Syria over a period of several months.

Iranian Responses to Trump’s Statement and Initial Assessment of the Statement’s Effect on Iranian Policy in Syria – Dr. Raz Zimmt

The decision of Unites States (U.S.) President Donald Trump to withdraw American forces from Syria was met in Iran with surprise and satisfaction by most senior officials and commentators. The drawdown of American troops from Syria is being presented as proof of the failure of U.S. strategy in the region, particularly in Syria, and another achievement of the “Resistance Front” led by the Islamic Republic.

ISIS and ISIS Supporters’ Campaign Threatens Christmas Terrorist Attacks

This past week there was an increase in ISIS and ISIS supporters' propaganda material (notices and videos) threatening to attack Western countries and their leaders (and also Russian President Putin and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu). The threats were issued via Telegram and ISIS-affiliated websites. In ITIC assessment the campaign was organized for the pre-Christmas and Christmas season.

The Palestinian Authority Continues to Encourage Terrorism: A mourning tent opened in the Palestinian embassy in Saudi Arabia for a terrorist who murdered two Israelis in the Barkan industrial zone

Basem al-Agha, the PA ambassador to Saudi Arabia, opened a mourning tent in the PA embassy building in Riyadh for Ashraf al-Na'alwa, the terrorist who carried out a shooting attack in the Barkan industrial zone, murdering two Israelis (on October 7, 2018). Al-Na'alwa, who escaped after the terrorist attack, died in an exchange of fire with Israeli security forces after a search for him that lasted nine weeks.

Israel, Jews and the Conflict in Palestinian Authority Schoolbooks (By Dr. Arnon Groiss)

Following are representative items taken from textbooks published by the Palestinian Authority (PA) in 2017-2018 for use in grades 1-12 in all schools throughout the West Bank and the Gaza Strip.

Security Council Resolution 1701 and Its Systematic Violation by Hezbollah and Iran

The IDF is currently carrying out Operation Northern Shield to expose and neutralize the attack tunnels dug by Hezbollah along the Israeli-Lebanese border. The construction of the tunnels is another example of the systematic, significant violations of UN Security Council Resolution 1701, passed at the end of the Second Lebanon War.

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