Fatah and Palestinian Authority glorify and support terrorists: The case of Omar Abu Layla, who murdered two Israelis near Ariel

Abbas Zaki, a member of Fatah's Central Committee, recently presented an award to the family of Omar Abu Layla, who carried out a shooting attack and a stabbing attack near Ariel (killing two Israelis, a soldier and a civilian). Abbas Zaki also visited the village where the terrorist lived and where a new house is being constructed for his family (after the previous one was demolished by the Israeli security forces).

American aerial attack on senior operatives of al-Qaeda’s Guardians of Religion in Idlib: Initial overview and assessment

On June 30, 2019, American planes attacked senior operatives of a jihadist organization called Guardians of Religion (Hurras al-Din), affiliated al-Qaeda branch. Reportedly the operatives were in a training facility northeast of Idlib (about nine miles southwest of Aleppo).

Jihad al-Bina Association in Lebanon: A Hezbollah social foundation engaged in construction and social projects among the Shiite community, being a major component in Hezbollah’s civilian infrastructure

Hezbollah maintains an extensive network of social foundations in the Shiite community in Lebanon. These foundations deal with healthcare, education, finance, welfare, and communications. They serve as supportive foundations for Hezbollah’s military infrastructure, as well as a means of disseminating Hezbollah’s ideology and strengthening its position among the Shiite community and in Lebanon in general.

Solving a series of shooting attacks in the Ramallah area revealed they were carried out by two senior figures in the PA’s Commission for Detainees and Ex-Detainees. One was Zakaria Zubeidi, who was deeply involved in terrorism during and after the second intifada.

The Israeli security forces recently revealed the identities of the terrorists who carried out shooting attacks targeting Israeli buses in the Ramallah area. The perpetrators were two Palestinians who held senior positions in the Palestinian Commission for Detainees and Ex-Detainees (officially subordinate to the PLO but in practice a PA institution).

Hamas once again calls on its supporters to donate to its military wing in Bitcoin

In early June 2019, Hamas once again called on its supporters to donate to its military wing in the virtual currency Bitcoin. The funds raised are intended to support the jihad waged by Hamas against Israel (which is described as the enemy of the Arab and Muslim Nation).

During the annual Iranian-sponsored Global Jerusalem Day events, prominent were threats made against Israel and the United States, and calls to undermine the “deal of the century.”

Every year, Global Jerusalem Day events are held in Iran, the Arab states and the West. This year, in Iran hundreds of thousands of people participated in the events, which were also attended by senior figures in the Iranian regime. In the Arab world prominent events were held in Lebanon, the Gaza Strip and Yemen. In South East Asia events were held in India and Pakistan, and in the West in Germany, Britain, Austria and Canada.

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