Implications of the death of Hisham Saidani, a top global jihad operative in the Gaza Strip, who died in a targeted killing carried out by the IDF

On the night of October 12-13, as part of the IDF’s counter-terrorism activities, an Israeli Air Force aircraft attacked two motorcyclists in the Jebaliya refugee camp, northern Gaza Strip.

Why did Ayatollah Khomeini agree to drink from the poisoned chalice? *

A look at the constraints and considerations that influenced Khomeini in his historic decision to end the war with Iraq-a strategic turn in Iran’s policy-and its relevance to our times

Iranian-sponsored Jerusalem Day events were poorly attended this year and received little media coverage.

Speeches were exploited for vicious anti-Israeli, anti-Jewish and anti-American incitement and to deter Israel from attacking Iranian nuclear installations.

The Haifa District Court rejected the lawsuit brought by the family of Rachel Corrie, an activist in the anti-Israeli ISM, killed while trying to prevent the activities of IDF bulldozers along the Philadelphi Corridor in 2003.

On August 28, 2012, the ruling of the Haifa District Court in the matter of the suit filed by the family of Rachel Corrie was made public. The court dismissed the charges brought against the State of Israel and the IDF of intentionally causing the death of Rachel Corrie, an International Solidarity Movement (ISM) activist.

Hamas and the other terrorist organizations summer camps in the Gaza Strip

This year Hamas and the other terrorist organizations operating in the Gaza Strip again exploited summer camps to integrate camping activities with political Islamic brainwashing and paramilitary training.

Will Iran’s Supreme Leader once again be forced “to drink from the poisoned chalice”?

Iran’s media has recently focused on Ayatollah Khomeini’s agreement to the ceasefire with Iraq in 1988. The media discourse, which expresses unequivocal support for Khomeini’s decision, may indicate an understanding in Iran that the country’s leadership may be required to make another strategic decision on the nuclear issue

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