The Palestinian Authority Continues to Encourage Terrorism: A mourning tent opened in the Palestinian embassy in Saudi Arabia for a terrorist who murdered two Israelis in the Barkan industrial zone

Basem al-Agha, the PA ambassador to Saudi Arabia, opened a mourning tent in the PA embassy building in Riyadh for Ashraf al-Na'alwa, the terrorist who carried out a shooting attack in the Barkan industrial zone, murdering two Israelis (on October 7, 2018). Al-Na'alwa, who escaped after the terrorist attack, died in an exchange of fire with Israeli security forces after a search for him that lasted nine weeks.

Israel, Jews and the Conflict in Palestinian Authority Schoolbooks (By Dr. Arnon Groiss)

Following are representative items taken from textbooks published by the Palestinian Authority (PA) in 2017-2018 for use in grades 1-12 in all schools throughout the West Bank and the Gaza Strip.

Security Council Resolution 1701 and Its Systematic Violation by Hezbollah and Iran

The IDF is currently carrying out Operation Northern Shield to expose and neutralize the attack tunnels dug by Hezbollah along the Israeli-Lebanese border. The construction of the tunnels is another example of the systematic, significant violations of UN Security Council Resolution 1701, passed at the end of the Second Lebanon War.

Recent Increase in Terrorist Attacks in Judea and Samaria (The situation on the ground)

Since September 2018 there has been an increase in the number of significant terrorist attacks carried out in Judea and Samaria. Five adults were killed in the attacks, and a three-day-old baby, born prematurely because of his mother's injuries. During 2018 54 terrorist attacks were carried out in Judea and Samaria.

Operation Northern Shield on the Israel-Lebanon Border for the Destruction of Hezbollah Tunnels Penetrating into Israel (The situation on the ground, December 11, 2018)

On December 11, 2018, the IDF exposed a third tunnel crossing the Israeli-Lebanese border. IDF forces continue their activities along the border, so far without friction with Hezbollah or the Lebanese army, which are monitoring the events.

Operation Northern Shield on the Israel-Lebanon Border (The situation updated to noon, December 5, 2018)

Despite the stormy winter weather, Operation Northern Shield continues. Its objective is to expose and neutralize Hezbollah terrorist attack tunnels penetrating into Israeli territory. On December 8, 2018, a second tunnel was exposed crossing the Israeli-Lebanese border. The route of the tunnel in Israeli territory was booby-trapped by IDF forces.

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