Hezbollah and Iran-handled Shi’ite militias are integrated into the Syrian army in its campaign to take control of south Syria

Shi'ite forces, handled by Iran, are being integrated into the campaign currently waged by the Syrian army in south Syria. There are at least two Iraqi-Shi'ite forces (the Dhu al-Fiqar Brigade and the Abu F–al-Abbas Brigade). There are also Afghan Shi'ite fighters in the Fatemiyoun Brigade. In addition, it was reported that Hezbollah operatives also participate in the fighting, including operatives from its elite al-Radwan unit, who were sent from Lebanon.

Hamas handles boys for sabotaging the security fence as part of the “return marches:” The case of Yasser Abu al-Naja

During the “return march” on June 29, 2018, a group of boys tried to sabotage the barbed wire fence east of Khan Younes, near the security fence, probably in preparation for an attempt to break into Israeli territory. One of the group members, Yasser Abu al-Naja, a boy aged 13 (or 14), was killed during the attempt to sabotage the barbed wire fence. The dead boy is the son of Amjad Abu al-Naja, senior operative in Hamas’s military wing in Khan Younes, and a member of a clan which produced Hamas and Fatah terrorist operatives.

“The Owj Arts and Media Organization:” An Iranian NGO, tied to the Iranian Revolutionary Guards Corps, plays a central role in the struggle for hearts and minds at home and abroad

The Arts and Media Owj Organization (literally: “climax”) is a non-governmental organization operating in Iran since the spring of 2011. The organization initiates, leads and promotes activity in the spheres of art and culture inspired by the values of the Islamic Revolution and in accordance with the official ideology of the Iranian regime.

Institutionalizing arson terrorism: what began as a local initiative has been turned by Hamas into the leading modus operandi in its policy of controlled violence against Israel. Kites are launched under the central direction of Hamas’ military wing, and its operatives participate in the launchings

Arson terrorism is a modus operandi that began as a local initiative during the third week of the "return marches." Since then it has become more sophisticated and extensive, and has turned into Hamas' preferred modus operandi in the policy of controlled violence implemented against Israel during the past three months.

Hamas’ new policy towards Israel: from restraint and calm to controlled violence, creating escalation

For the past three months Hamas has employed a policy of controlled violence against Israel, there are now mass demonstrations and riots ("return marches") and mass attempts to penetrate into Israeli territory. The marches have been accompanied by a variety of violent activities, including shooting at IDF forces; throwing hand grenades, Molotov cocktails and IEDs; vandalizing the border crossings and the security fence; and launching kites and balloons bearing incendiary substances and explosives (arson terrorism).

Hamas spread the false claim an infant who died as a result of a heart defect was killed during the “return marches” to defame the IDF and Israel

On May 14, 2018, the Hamas-controlled ministry of health in the Gaza Strip reported the death of Layla Anwar Ghandour, an eight-month-old infant. The story of her death was accompanied by a Palestinian campaign to defame the IDF and the State of Israel. The infant's cousin, a terrorist operative detained by the IDF said during interrogation that Yahya al-Sinwar, head of Hamas' political bureau in the Gaza Strip, paid the family a large sum of money to say she had died from tear gas inhalation and to hide the fact she had died from heart disease.

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