Spotlight on Global Jihad

Spotlight on Global Jihad (December 17 – 23, 2015)

On December 22, 2015, the Iraqi Army, assisted by Shiite militias and Sunni tribesmen, and with air support from the US-led coalition, began a military attack to liberate the city of Ramadi. If the Iraqi forces manage to liberate the city of Ramadi, it will be the most notable setback suffered by ISIS in Iraq

Spotlight on Global Jihad (December 10 – 16, 2015)

This week there were no significant military changes on the ground in Syria and Iraq. The most prominent ISIS activity of the past week was a large-scale attack by suicide bombers, carried out with truck/car bombs or explosive belts in Iraq and Syria. This terrorist offensive, which is unusual in scope and carried by dozens

Spotlight on Global Jihad (December 3-9, 2015)

This week as well, ISIS in Iraq and Syria continued to withstand intensive airstrikes by the US and Russia, which were joined by Britain as well. This week, there were no significant changes in the various combat zones in Iraq and Syria. In San Bernardino, in the western US, a lethal attack (14 dead, 17

Spotlight on Global Jihad (November 19 – 25, 2015)

Following the terrorist attacks in Paris, this week the French and Belgian security forces carried out intensive security activity (which paralyzed the city of Brussels). The US, Russia and France increased their airstrikes against ISIS targets. A key target of these attacks was the oil infrastructure (oil fields, production facilities and tankers) which are ISIS’s

Spotlight on Global Jihad (November 12 – 18, 2015)

The main events of the week were the shooting and suicide bombing attacks carried out by ISIS in Paris by eight terrorists operating at six different sites. In the meantime, ISIS suffered a few painful failures on the ground: in Iraq, the Kurdish forces liberated the area of Sinjar and cut off the main supply

Spotlight on Global Jihad (November 5 – 11, 2015)

According to media reports from the battle zones, the Syrian Army’s ground offensive, with Iranian and Russian air support, has been halted. Additional information published in the media reinforces the conclusion that the Russian plane was downed in Sinai as a result of the explosion of an IED, planted on board in Sharm el-Sheikh. In

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