Spotlight on Global Jihad

Spotlight on Global Jihad (November 23-29, 2017)

The main event of the week was a combined mass-killing attack carried out by ISIS in a Sufi mosque in the village of Al-Rawdah, some 45 km west of Al-Arish. In the ITIC’s assessment, ISIS’s Sinai Province and its other provinces abroad are highly motivated to carry out mass-killing attacks at the present time.

Spotlight on Global Jihad (August 3-9, 2017)

The Syrian forces continued to advance towards Deir ez-Zor. The SDF forces are encountering difficulties in Al-Raqqah. Iraq: Iraqi forces and Shiite militias are preparing to take over the ISIS enclave in Tal Afar, some 70 km west of Mosul. In view of the “success” (from ISIS’s perspective) of the attack on the Iraqi embassy in Kabul, ISIS called on its supporters to attack the embassies and diplomatic corps of the “infidel countries” around the world.

Spotlight on Global Jihad (July 27 – August 2, 2017)

This week, there were no significant changes on the ground in Syria and Iraq. Syria – the campaign for the takeover of Al-Raqqah is still bogged down, in light of the persistent fighting by ISIS operatives. Iraq – the humanitarian situation in Mosul continues to be grave, and most of the residents who fled have

Spotlight on Global Jihad (July 20-26, 2017)

As part of the implementation of the de-escalation agreement, Russian military police arrived in southern Syria to serve as a separation force between the Syrian forces and the rebel organizations. In Al-Raqqah, fighting is proceeding slowly in view of ISIS’s persistent fighting. In the Idlib area, the Headquarters for the Liberation of Al-Sham (formerly the

Spotlight on Global Jihad (July 13-19, 2017)

After the liberation of Mosul, displaced persons began to return to the city, mainly to its eastern part (which was less affected by the battles). There are serious problems in the city, i.e., a housing shortage and problems with the supply of water and electricity, since many infrastructures have been destroyed. At the same time,

Spotlight on Global Jihad (July 6-12, 2017)

About three years after ISIS declared the establishment of the Islamic Caliphate in Mosul, and after around nine months of persistent fighting, the city of Mosul fell into the hands of the Iraqi forces. The Iraqi prime minister arrived in Mosul on July 9, 2017, and declared its complete liberation. The commander of the International

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