Collection of Information about ISIS: Opportunities and Challenges*

The situation of the campaign against ISIS, as of the summer of 2016, is complex: on the one hand, ISIS is sustaining losses from the coalition airstrikes. It is also losing some of the territories under its control in Syria, Iraq, and Libya, as a result of ground attacks carried out by local armies and

When did the First Lebanon War end?

Lecture by Dr. Reuven Erlich at a seminar held by the Israeli Center for Defense Studies, June 12, 2014 In my lecture, I will attempt to examine the question of when the First Lebanon War ended, as part of a seminar dealing with the end of wars in the history of the State of Israel,

The role of intelligence in the battle for hearts and minds

Over the course of the last decade, the confrontation with the threat of terrorism has become an important factor influencing the Israeli agenda and, in fact, the agenda of the entire international community.

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