Marketing Terrorism

The fight against Hezbollah’s inciting broadcasts: the French authorities reject Al-Manar’s request to allow the resumption of its broadcasts in France

France’s Conseil d’État (a legal body assisting the French government with legal advice) decided to reject an appeal submitted by the Lebanese Communication Group—Al-Manar (i.e., the operators of Hezbollah’s television channel) to revoke the decision of the Supreme Audiovisual Council (December 17, 2004). The decision bans the station’s broadcasts in France (AFP, January 6, 2006).

The Palestinian Islamic Jihad Internet infrastructure and its Internet Webhosts

The Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ) is a terrorist organization specializing in planning and carrying out suicide bombing attacks in Israeli cities. For the past year, sponsored and supported by Iran and Syria, it has operated non-stop to sabotage the lull in the fighting and to escalate the violence in the ongoing Israeli-Palestinian confrontation. Since the