The “Syrian order” in Lebanon (1975-2005): Lebanon as a Syrian satellite during the Hafez Assad régime and the weakening of Syria’s hegemony under Bashar Assad

The assassination of Rafik Hariri, the Lebanese Prime Minister who refused to toe the Syrian line, and the dramatic events following it placed the 30-year old Syrian intervention in Lebanon back on the Lebanese, Arab and international agendas. This article will both analyze Syrian interests in Lebanon and examine the main stages of Syria’s assumption

A Tribute to Assassinated Lebanese Journalist Samir Qasir: A Brief Political Profile

On June 2, 2005 , Lebanese journalist Samir Qasir was killed 1 when a bomb exploded in his car. Qasir, who was born in 1960 and held dual Lebanese and French citizenship, had a doctorate in contemporary history of the Middle East from the Sorbonne, and had published many essays. He was one of the