The use of mosques for military purposes by Palestinian terrorist organizations: a historical perspective

The following is an article submitted to the Intelligence and Terrorism Information Center by a researcher from Israel’s Bar-Ilan University, titled “Clinging to the Altar” (March 14, 2009). The article looks at military uses made by Palestinian terrorists of Temple Mount mosques throughout the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. It was written by Dotan Goren, a PhD student

On February 21 two rockets were fired into Israel from south Lebanon.

One hit a house in a village in the western Galilee, causing slight injuries to three civilians. It was the fourth time rockets were fired from Lebanon since the end of the second Lebanon war. Hezbollah again denied involvement.

Rockets hit Western Galilee, initial report

On the morning of January 8 (at approximately 07:45), 4 rockets were fired from the western sector of south Lebanon at the Western Galilee.