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An organization named the Galilee Forces – Lone Wolves claimed responsibility for the terrorist attack at the Megiddo Junction

A terrorist network calling itself the Galilee Forces – Lone Wolves claimed responsibility for the IEDs attack at the Megiddo Junction on March 13, 2023. The claim of responsibility was published on the network's Telegram channel and had texts and videos under its name and logo. The claim of responsibility also relate to previous attacks allegedly carried out by the network's operatives. One was the shooting attack at the Mercaz Harav yeshiva in Jerusalem on March 6, 2008. Very little is known about the organization except for the few bits of information issued by the media.

The Houthi Movement and the War in Yemen: Development and Significance

The Houthi movement was established in Yemen in the early 1990s, based on Shiite Zaydi Muslim residents, who make up about 30% of the country’s population. In 2004, the movement mounted a rebellion against the central government in Yemen because it had become too closely affiliated with the US and Israel. Until 2009, six rounds of fighting between the parties took place, at the end of which the Houthis established autonomy in northern YemenIn the ITIC’s assessment, the Houthis have weapons that can harm Israel, and in the past, senior Houthi officials even made statements about a willingness to do so if Israel posed an immediate threat. The potential threat to Israel from the Houthis exists, but for now, in the Israeli context, the Houthis are mainly engaged in statements of support for Hezbollah and the Palestinian terrorist organizations and providing financial aid to these organizations for the fight against Israel.

Summary of ISIS Activity around the Globe in 2022

Overview The summary of ISIS activity in 2022, which is based on the organization’s claims of responsibility,[1] shows that in 2022 there was a decrease in the scope of ISIS attacks around the globe, compared to 2021. During 2022, ISIS operatives carried out 2,058 terrorist acts, in which 6,881 people were killed and wounded worldwide,

Palestinian Terrorism Against Israel, 2022: Methods, Trends and Description

In 2022 there was a substantial rise in the number of Palestinian terrorist attacks against Israel. Eighty-six significant attackswere carried out, up from 54 in 2021,16 of the attacks were carried out inside Israeli territory (one in 2021). Thirty Israelis were killed (24 civilians and six members of the security forces). One Border Police fighter was killed in an operational activity in Samaria. In 2021 three civilians were killed. There were 46 shooting attacks 54% of the total number. One round of fighting was conducted in the Gaza Stripin August 2022.

The Birth of Hezbollah

The birth of the Hezbollah movement did not happen following the Israeli invasion of Lebanon in the summer of 1982, as many tend to think. The decision to establish the movement was made in Iran in 1979 by the Revolutionary Leadership Council headed by Imam Khomeini with the aim of exporting the Islamic revolution to the Arab region. The establishment process was led by the Iranian ambassador in Damascus beginning in the summer of 1981 and Israel's invasion of Lebanon was a catalyst for Hezbollah's development. The members of the movement are loyal to Iran and receive military and economic support from Iran through the Quds Force of the Revolutionary Guards.

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