Hezbollah in Lebanon continues sending Fatah/Tanzim operatives in the West Bank on terrorist missions by means of a link in the Gaza Strip which transmits funds and instructions.

On October 16, 2005, Israeli security forces detained Majdi Kamal ‘Abd al-Jabbar ‘Amer, from the village of Qalil, near Nablus. During interrogation he stated that he took orders from Hezbollah in Lebanon through a kind of front-line headquarters in the Gaza Strip, which liaised between Hezbollah handlers in Lebanon and terrorist-operatives in the West Bank

Palestinian terrorist organizations and “charitable societies” identified with them make extensive use of the Arab Bank for transferring funds (Volume 2)

The following selection of documents deals with the transfer of funds by the Arab Bank to Palestinian terrorist organizations (Hamas and the Palestinian Islamic Jihad) and to “charitable societies” identified with them.

Palestinian Terrorism Organizations Use the Arab Bank to Channel Money into terrorism

The Arab Bank is a private banking institution with head offices in Jordan. It is one of the largest banks in the Arab world and has many branches in the Palestinian Authority (PA)- administered territories. It is the preferred channel of many Palestinian terrorist organizations, particularly Hamas and the Palestinian Islamic Jihad, for the transfer