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Spotlight on the Israel-Palestinian Conflict (March 26 – April 2, 2024)

The activities of IDF forces in the Gaza Strip focused on three locations: Shifa Hospital in Gaza City, where the activity ended on April 1, 2024. Hundreds of Hamas and Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ) terrorist operatives were detained, including senior operatives, about 200 terrorists were killed and large quantities of weapons were seized. The central Gaza Strip, where the IDF attacked Hamas checkpoints and surveillance centers. The Khan Yunis area, where the forces operated in the al-Amal neighborhood and the village of al-Qarara. Talks for a hostage deal in Cairo continued without a breakthrough. The introduction of humanitarian aid into the Gaza Strip continues. Reportedly, Hamas has changed the nature of its combat and transitioned to limited attacks to preserve its forces and capabilities for "the day after There were three terrorist attacks. The Israeli security forces carried out counterterrorism activities in the Jenin and Tulkarm (Nur Shams) refugee camps.. The prayer on the third Friday of Ramadan on the Temple Mount passed with relative calm. According to reports, 125,000 worshipers came to pray . The new Palestinian government was sworn in. The Palestinian Authority called on the United States to change its policy towards the Palestinians.

Spotlight on the Israel-Palestinian Conflict March 14 – 19, 2024

IDF forces continue operating in the Gaza Strip, focusing on three main areas, the northern Gaza Strip and Gaza City, where the forces returned to Shifa Hospital; the central Gaza Strip, where they are establishing a security buffer zone near the border fence; and Khan Yunis, where they continue operations in the Hamad neighborhood. Trucks carrying humanitarian aid entered the Gaza Strip for the first time since November 2023. A Spanish aid ship unloaded a cargo of 200 tons of humanitarian aid According to reports, a meeting was recently held in Beirut by the Palestinian "organizations" and Houthi representatives to coordinate the Houthis' continued fighting "in support of the Palestinians. Two terrorist attacks were carried out, one in Hebron and the other at the Beit Kama junction. The prayer of the first Friday of Ramadan passed with relative calm. Mahmoud Abbas appointed Dr. Muhammad Mustafa as the new prime minister and instructed him to form the new government.