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The Palestinian-Israel Conflict — Update October 1-16, 2005

The most jarring events were the two terrorist shooting attacks at the Gush Etzion and Eli junctions, which left three Israelis dead and four wounded.

Five years of violent confrontation between Israel and the Palestinians

September 29, 2005 marked five years since the outbreak of the current violent confrontation with the Palestinians. Throughout the course of the confrontation, 26,159 terrorist attacks have been perpetrated against Israeli targets, leaving 1,060 Israelis dead and 6,089 wounded.


Interpal is the most important Palestinian fund operating in Britain. During the last decade (and beforehand under a different name) Interpal helped transfer large sums of money collected in Britain and elsewhere to charitable societies and committees operating in the Palestinian Authority (PA) – administered territories. However, most, if not all, of those charitable societies and committees are actually Hamas-operated and therefore contribute significantly to maintaining the large-scale, local Hamas civilian (and terrorist-operational) infrastructure (da’wah). Consequently, Interpal was outlawed by Israel in 1997 and declared a terrorist organization in 1998. Furthermore, in the United States it was designated by Executive Order 13224 (August 2003) as an entity that “commits, or threatens to commit or supports terrorism.”