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News of Terrorism and the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict (December 30, 2020 –January 5, 2021)

In the Gaza Strip the number of active coronavirus cases stands at 9,308 (up from last week). The rate of positive test results is greater than 20%. In Judea and Samaria the number of active coronavirus cases stands at 7,831 (slightly down from last week). This past week the Gaza Strip was quiet. In Judea and Samaria an Israeli woman was critically wounded when stones were thrown at her vehicle (near the village of Deir Nizam, northwest of Ramallah). During violent clashes between Palestinians and IDF forces evacuating an illegal building in the village of Yatta, south of Hebron, a Palestinian was shot and fatally wounded. ceremony was held in the Gaza Strip to mark the anniversary of the death of Qassem Soleimani.

The Spread of Covid-19 in Judea and Samaria (Updated to January 4, 2021)

The situation in the Gaza Strip: The number of active Covid-19 cases in Gaza is still very high. Between December 29, 2020 and January 4, 2021, 4,123 new cases were detected. The situation in Judea and Samaria: This past week the rate of infection continued declining but the number of active cases is still high, with 7,978, down from 11,322 a week ago.