Spotlight on Global Jihad (April 12-17, 2018)

With the takeover of the city of Duma and the evacuation of the last fighters from its territory, the Syrian army effectively completed the takeover of eastern Al-Ghouta. Now the Syrian army and the forces supporting it are shifting the center of operations to the Al-Yarmouk refugee camp in southern Damascus. In Iraq, the security forces continued to operate against a number of areas where pockets of ISIS operatives remained. The Egyptian security forces, which have been working for around two months to eradicate the presence of ISIS in the Sinai Peninsula, suffered losses in an attempt by ISIS operatives to infiltrate one of the army bases in Sinai.

Spotlight on Global Jihad (March 29 – April 11, 2018)

The Syrian army continued to attack the rebel organizations in the city of Duma, their last significant stronghold in eastern Al-Ghouta. Meanwhile, the Syrian army is about to complete its takeover of eastern Al-Ghouta. Recently, there have been more and more reports of the US intention to withdraw its troops from Syria

News of Terrorism and the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict (March 28 – April 10, 2018)

On March 30, 2018, Gazans began the events of the "great return march." In Judea, Samaria and Jerusalem there were limited protests and riots despite Land Day and the "great return march." In popular terrorism as well there was no exceptional escalation caused by the events in the Gaza Strip

Spotlight on Global Jihad (March 22-28, 2018)

The Syrian forces took control of most of eastern Al-Ghouta and are completing its takeover from the rebel organizations. In the north, the Turkish army and the Syrian forces supporting it are completing the takeover of the Afrin enclave. In addition to the fighting being waged by ISIS in Syria and Iraq, its supporters abroad continue to carry out ISIS-inspired attacks in Western countries, proving that the jihadi ideology and the ISIS brand are still highly attractive.

Spotlight on Global Jihad (March 15-21, 2018)

In eastern Al-Ghouta, the Syrian army continued to attack the three enclaves of the rebel groups, whose territory is shrinking. According to Syrian sources, around 75% of the area of eastern Al-Ghouta has been taken over by the Syrian Army. On March 18, 2018, Turkish President Tayyip Erdoğan announced that the Turkish army and the Syrian forces cooperating with it had completed the takeover of the city of Afrin, in northwestern Syria. Kurdish fighters from the SDF forces have moved from the lower Euphrates Valley to the enclave of Afrin in order to take part in the fighting against the Turkish army.

Spotlight on Global Jihad (March 8-14, 2018)

This week, the fighting in Syria was concentrated in eastern Al-Ghouta, where the Syrian forces managed to divide the area controlled by the rebel organizations into three parts. South of the city of Damascus, ISIS, which controls most of the area of the Yarmouk refugee camp, is preparing for the possibility that the Syrian effort will be directed against it after the fall of eastern Al-Ghouta. Another site of fighting is the Kurdish enclave of Afrin in northwestern Syria. The Egyptian security forces, which are carrying out intensive security operations against ISIS in the Sinai Peninsula, continue to report on their successes against ISIS

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