An additional “routine” wave (devoid of any concrete grounds) of anti-Semitic and anti-Israeli incitement on official Egyptian media

  • In the second half of April, the Egyptian official press has made several vicious, spiteful attacks against Israel in several malicious articles of anti-Semitic character published in the official government press (an article in Al-Akhbar dated April 18; an ongoing series of articles in Al-Ahram al-Massai, April 15-25). The articles combine anti-Semitic motifs with blatant anti-Israeli and anti-Zionist incitement regarding the Israeli-Arab conflict. These and other similar articles occasionally found in the Egyptian media join numerous expressions of incitement prevalent in Egypt both in ongoing media publications as well as on a fundamental, deep-rooted basis.
Anti-Israeli incitement on the streets of Cairo

 A large billboard depicting Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon; his predecessors, Binyamin Netanyahu and Ehud Barak; and late Foreign Minister Moshe Dayan. The inciting billboard, carrying the caption “the murderers” in three languages, was affixed to a building opposite the Ben Ezra Synagogue in Cairo housing the offices of the filmmakers association, an organization boasting anti-Israeli sentiment. Despite repeated appeals made by Israel to the Egyptian authorities, including requests issued by top-level figures (the Foreign Minister), the billboard, which is anything but new, has yet to be removed out of legalist rationales (according to a news item published in Israeli daily Yedioth Ahronoth, April 19, 2005).

Characteristics of the articles

  • The articles in Al-Akhbar (the more prominent among the two) and in Al-Ahram al-Massai denied “the bogus historical rights of Jews in Palestine”, claiming that the foundation of the State of Israel was based on “fabrications and lies that have their source in the Old Testament and in the Talmud”, and using “the lies of Israel and world Jewry about the number of Jews exterminated by Nazi Germany”. This was done in order to “turn it [i.e., Israel] into the center of world Zionism for the implementation of the Protocols of the Elders of Zion”. According to their claims, there was in fact “cooperation between Nazi Germany and the Jewish Agency, in order to cleanse Europe of Jews and secretly deport them to Palestine”. They add that “distorting facts and faking them is a common Jewish practice”, and that Israel today is engaged in a “holocaust” against the Palestinians and slaughters women and children “using the lie of self-defense”.
  • We cannot find any concrete reasons for these articles; what is more, Israeli-Egyptian relations have warmed up recently due to the lull in the fighting between Israel and the Palestinians. In our assessment, this is a routine wave of anti-Israeli articles the likes of which can be found in the Egyptian media from time to time. At the same time, however, these articles are part of a widespread phenomenon of expressions of anti-Semitism prevalent in Egypt, seen on an ongoing basis as well as being a fundamental characteristic of Egyptian society and politics. Thus, the Egyptian public is exposed to continuous anti-Jewish and anti-Israeli brainwashing.
  • The attached appendices present the main points of these articles. A part of the fundamental characteristic of Egyptian anti-Semitism, one of the appendices describes an additional version of the Protocols of the Elders of Zion—a bestseller on the Egyptian book market. This version was published in Egypt in the course of 2002 (following up on our Information Bulletin from January 2005).

Appendix A

Anti-Semitic tones in an article analyzing the Israeli-Arab conflict: Fragments from a series of articles by Mursi Atallah[1], editor-in-chief of the government’s daily Al-Ahram al-Massai, titled “A necessary return to the roots of the conflict”[2]

  • “Why do certain elements in the Arab nation feel fear, debilitation and helplessness in face of the Israeli arrogance, backed by American assistance? The fate of the Jewish colonialist imperialism is not going to be much different than the fate of all the colonialist imperialist regimes that existed throughout history. Nothing will save Israel from this unavoidable fate, except for correct reading of the situation at hand, grasping the lessons of history and taking advantage of the historic opportunity for safe and peaceful coexistence with its neighbors, away from the illusions of hegemony, expansion and arrogance.”
  • “At the time Zionism demanded, assisted by global imperialism, the establishment of a state for the Jews in Arab Palestine, its point of departure was the fabrications, lies and aspirations that have their source in the Old Testament and in the Talmud, such as the myth of the Promised Land, the bogus historical right of Jews in Palestine, the treatment of Jews as a nation and the pretext concerning ending the persecution endured by the Jews in Europe at the expense of the homeland and the rights of the Palestinian people.”
  • “Is there any truth to these lies and fabrications? In practice, the land of Palestine was an Arab land since the dawn of history, while the Jews arrived later on and then left. As for the Zionist claim that Palestine is the Promised Land, it is a Jewish claim of a religious nature, which does not comprise one of the foundations of international law… The ancestry of most Jews alive today can be traced back to the Khazarian Kingdom; therefore, the Jews alive today are not related to the ancient Jews.”
  • “The world Jewry succeeded in instilling pangs of conscience and a guilt complex among the European peoples and nations, in order to perpetuate its extortion and exert pressure upon them so that they pay large sums of money to Israel and the Jews.”
  • “The Western World embraced the claims and lies of Israel and world Jewry about the number of Jews exterminated by Nazi Germany and covered up the cooperation between Nazi Germany and the Jewish Agency in Palestine in order to “cleanse” Germany and Europe of Jews and secretly deport them to Palestine with the assistance of Nazi Germany.”
  • “Israel and world Zionism are working to inspire animosity and hatred toward Arabs and Muslims and damage their image. They focus on the spread of three ideas in order to establish the anti-Arab approach in Western countries. These are: the idea of the persecuted Jew attempting to live in peace in the land of his ancestors, the idea of the backward, aggressive, terrorist Arab, and the aspiration to fan the anti-Arab approach through achieving domination over international media.”
  • “In practice, the history of Palestine in the last 100 years has been but a continuous “chain” of “links”, all part of the striving to force Israeli imperialism upon Arab countries. Starting from the migration of Jews [to Palestine], the removal of Arabs and the establishment of colonialist imperialism to the perpetration of a holocaust and an attempt to subdue the Palestinian leadership and force it to sign many agreements of surrender”.
  • “The leaders of the global Zionist movement and the Zionist entity [i.e., Israel] believe that the future of world Zionism and its control over the [Arab] region and over the world hinge on the policy of Jewish immigration to the Zionist entity, settling in it and reinforcing Israel’s military and economy. The purpose of this policy is to turn it into a center of world Zionism in order to implement the Protocols of the Elders of Zion regarding the achievement of dominance over the Arab region and over the world.”

Appendix B

A fragment of a venomous editorial published in Al-Akhbar (April 18, 2004), claiming Israel is attempting to thwart the lull in the fighting and avoiding the Sharm el-Sheikh understandings. Within the context of the death of the three youngsters in Rafah, the article states that throughout history Jews have specialized in distorting and forging facts

“Israeli actions speak louder than words to thwart the attempt at a lull [in the violence] between themselves and the Palestinians!

The Palestinians have adhered to the lull in the fighting while Israel has not adhered to a thing!! Furthermore, Israeli army forces assassinated three children at once who played in the streets where they lived. Israel apologized at first, but the army headquarters was quick to announce that the children acted in the service of the Palestinian resistance[3]. Distorting facts and forging them are constant practice for the Jews, who have specialized in it throughout the ages of history! We find that Sharon does not commit to a thing in order to put an end to the accumulation of rage inside the occupied Palestinian lands. The murder of Palestinian land for the sake of the expansion of settlements and building new housing units for settlers continues, and so is the construction of the security fence. Likewise, Palestinian cities are not relinquished, as promised by Sharon, and prisoners are not released. And we are not talking about the return of the refugees, since Israel adamantly refuses this demand, even though Security Council Resolution 194 demands it. We also find that Sharon does not pledge a thing to Bush in his last visit, in which Bush demanded that Israel implement the peace initiative called the Roadmap!!”

Appendix C

Anti-Semitism as a deep-rooted characteristic of Egyptian society—The Protocols of the Elders of Zion as a bestselling hit on the Egyptian book market: An additional version of the Protocols, published in Egypt in the course of 2002[4]. The book is accompanied by a foreword, based on classical anti-Semitism and Islamic-rooted anti-Semitism, where the author claims that all the actions of Jews throughout history (including within the context of the Israeli-Arab conflict) are nothing but the implementation of the Protocols

Details on the publishing house at the beginning of the book—translation

Emblem of the publishing house

All rights reserved

All literary and technical rights reserved to Dar al-Ghadd al-Gadeed (House of the New Tomorrow), Al-Mansoura, Egypt

First printing


Details on the publishing house at the beginning of the book—original

Dar al-Ghadd al-Gadeed

 Al-Mansoura – Egypt

Opposite Al-Azhar University

Telephone: 0020124519950

Fax: 002050504029

P.O. Box: 35111

Serial number: 2002/20264

International serial number (ISBN): 977-6050-67-0

Selected fragments from the foreword to the book written by author and translator Ahmed Gad (pp. 5-12)

  • “Despite the total secrecy and [the Jews’] efforts at concealment, it was [ultimately] the will of Providence that the intentions of the Jews and their racist principles be revealed in their disgrace to all non-Jews through these protocols, or the reports known as The Protocols of the Elders of Zion.”

“Every [man] of clear conscience anywhere on Earth should be moved by this book to do everything he can to foil the Zionist plots therein, hostile to any person who is not Jewish[5].

I would like to make the following emphasis: it is a goal we must maintain clearly in our sights regarding the publication, reading, or teaching of these protocols; otherwise, reading or publishing them is useless.”

  • “On the truth of attributing the book to the Jews”:

“In this context, it is very important [to stress] that we need to make sure that this book and these protocols are indeed attributed to the Jews. [The reason is that] Jewish leaders and other [Jews] raise false claims that the book comprises [supposedly] childish and stupid ideas that cannot be implemented in practice.

However, I must say [once again]: the history of the Jews and the ways they employ to incite civil wars, wreaking havoc and concocting plots against their enemies, using all legal and illegal means, proves that this worldview, which appears in the Protocols, originates from the Jewish school of thought and reflects their worldview.

Following are quotes from the Talmud, based on a translation made by Yussuf Nasrallah, included in the book “The Revealed Treasure of Talmudic Principles”[6]. The book [Talmud] is considered to be one of the most important and respected documents in Jewish legacy. [The quotes] testify that what is stated [in the Talmud] and in the Protocols is one and the same: indeed, they both originate from the swamp of racist Jewish ideology”.

  • “Non-Jews are animals”:

From the Talmud: “The seed of all gentiles is as the seed of animals”.

Also stated therein: “The souls of gentiles are Satanic souls and identical to animal souls”.

The Jerusalem Talmud states: “The seed from which the other peoples sprang, other than the Jews, is the seed of horses”.

Thus spoke Abarbanel: “The non-Jewish woman is an animal”. Also: “God created the foreigner and gave him a human image [only] so that he could fit his role—serving the Jews, for whom the world was made. It is not proper for a [Jewish] ruler to be served day and night by animals looking like animals—absolutely not, since it does not comply with good taste nor with the [principles] of humanity. And if the servant of [any] Jew dies, there is no need to mourn for him as a person who passed away is mourned for, but rather as one of the animals enslaved to him is mourned for.”

  • “The necessity of killing non-Jews”:

“…the [book of] Shoushan Hamishban” [sic[7]] says: “As for those who deny the Torah and the prophets of Israel, the law states they must be killed and that those holding the reign of life and death [i.e., the rulers] must perform this killing. And if that cannot be done, their deaths must be brought about by deceit.

Moreover, the Talmud considers it a [welcome] sacrifice, for it says: “Anyone who spills the blood of a person who does not fear God will be accepted before God as a person who made Him a [welcome] sacrifice”. The Talmud also states: “A Jew ought to kill an infidel with his bare hands, for he who spills the blood of an infidel makes a sacrifice to God…”

“…one would be wrong to delude himself into thinking that what is happening in occupied Palestine: the destruction, the killing, the deportation and torture of Palestinians, is nothing but a colonial war, which does not have anything to do with Jewish faith and religion, as it is pictured by some supporters of secularism in Islamic countries who take this approach assuming it would divert Islam from the battlefield. Thus, they are deluding the [Muslim] public into thinking that our war with the Jews is not a war of religions.

And thus speaks Rabbi Moshe Ben Zion: “According to [Jewish] religious law, you are allowed—moreover, obligated—to kill gentiles even if they are good-doers or, to be more precise, could be good-doers…”

“…the following was written by the chief cleric of the [IDF] central command, which also includes the West Bank, in an instruction booklet distributed to soldiers: “In case our forces clash with civilians, both in times of war and during a chase or a raid, and while there is any uncertainty as to whether these civilians can harm our forces, according to religious law they can and even must be killed, for one must not trust an Arab under any circumstances, even if he appears to be civilized.”

“In light of the correlation between what is written in the book of protocols in our possession and what is written in the Talmud and said by the Jewish Rabbis; primarily, in light of the black history of the Jews, filled with crime and atrocity, can anybody still make the alleged claim that the book of the Protocols must not be attributed to Jews in a proven historical manner?

And now I call upon any person who reads this book to act to present this Jewish worldview in its disgrace, inform his friends and relatives and guide them on the need to stand up against the continuing clever implementation of these protocols.

I am not surprised by the Jews and their extremist thought, made clear by the Protocols, and I am not surprised by their immoral schemes, lacking any foundation in religion, local custom or human value.

Indeed, it comes as no surprise to me, for our God [Allah], may he be exalted, specifically noted the lowliness of the Jews and exposed the evil in their hearts over 1400 years ago” (five verses from the Quran follow as “proof”).

The final section of the foreword:

Such a barefaced, villainous people—the way [the Jews] treat us and others is therefore small wonder. Wonder should be the province of those who are subjected to their influence and who believe in the possibility of peaceful coexistence with them. Wonder should be the province of those who trust the murderers of the prophets.

Wonder should be the province of anyone who expects [expressions of] kindness and loyalty on part of those who abandoned their God and described Him [in terms of] miserliness and poverty. “Unbelievable”—[that is the reaction of] those who follow the same path laid out by the Jews, who composed these shameful Protocols.

There is not much use in describing the way these Protocols, cloaked in utmost secrecy, were published, and in mentioning the one who published and spread them. What is important is that they have been published and made known to all, and still the world continues to act according to the Protocols as if it has no will of its own, with everyone playing out their designated roles, and there is no one to open his mouth and so much as squeak.

In conclusion, we pray to Allah, may he be exalted, that a time will come [at last] when the tamed masses arise from their sleep and take a stand against this filthy Zionist domination (a verse from the Quran follows).

Allah stands behind [my good] intention, for He is guiding His believers to the path [of right]”

Ahmed Gad

1 Known for his anti-Israeli views.
2 The translated fragments are taken from the first three articles (April 15-25).
3 These teenagers were smuggling arms and ammunition from Egypt to the Gaza Strip on behalf of the terrorist organizations.
4 Following up on our Information Bulletin from January 2005 (
5 This section of the foreword contains incitement targeted at wide Islamic/Arab audiences (in Egypt and beyond) to take active measures against Jews in order to prevent the so-called “implementation” of the Protocols.
6 We are not familiar with the book or its author.
7 Probably a reference to the book Hoshen Mishpat, the fourth part of the well-known Jewish religious book of Shulchan Aruch, written by Rabbi Joseph Caro in the 16th century. The book deals primarily with Jewish criminal and civil law as well as court proceedings.