Palestinian Terrorism Organizations Use the Arab Bank to Channel Money into terrorism

  • The Arab Bank is a private banking institution with head offices in Jordan. It is one of the largest banks in the Arab world and has many branches in the Palestinian Authority (PA)- administered territories. It is the preferred channel of many Palestinian terrorist organizations, particularly Hamas and the Palestinian Islamic Jihad, for the transfer of money from external sources into the PA-administered territories.  
  • Documents captured by the Israeli army clearly illustrate the bank’s important role as a the Palestinian terrorist organization conduit for the transfer of funds to the infrastructure supporting their activities (payments to the families of terrorists who die while perpetrating attacks, and to terrorists who are wounded, imprisoned or wanted by the Israeli police). 
  • In addition, funds move through the bank to finance their military activities and civilian infrastructure (da’wah). It is reasonable to assume that members of the bank’s directorate, and certainly officials of the Palestinian Authority and its security services, are aware of the services the bank provides to the terrorist organizations; despite that, they have never taken effective steps to stop them.