The hate industry – Syria as a source for the distribution of anti-Semitic literature

A selection of anti-Semitic books offered for sale at the 17th International Book Fair, held in Qatar in late December 2005.



  • On December 21-31, 2005, the 17th International Book Fair was held in Doha, the capital of Qatar. The fair was organized by Qatar�s National Council for Culture, Arts and Heritage, and sponsored by the Sultan of Qatar, Hamad bin Khalifa Al Thani. 355 publishers from 17 Arab and Islamic countries took part in the fair, and tens of thousands of books were displayed.
  • As customary in book fairs held in the Arab world, the fair in Qatar also featured anti-Semitic literature, published in Arab countries during the last several years.1 Notable among the countries displaying anti-Semitic literature at the fair were Egypt, Syria, and Lebanon. While the Arab world is seething over the distribution of cartoons that hurt Muslims, and with Syria allowing (and perhaps even fanning) violent demonstrations on its soil against Denmark and European countries, the �hate industry� against the Jewish people is at full swing in Syria. This is clearly part of the policy espoused by the Syrian regime (which supervises its country�s culture life) to stir hatred against the Jews, create an atmosphere of fear and hatred against them, and ultimately make them a legitimate target for violence.


Characteristics of the books reviewed

  • Reviewed in the present Information Bulletin is a selection of anti-Semitic books published in Syria over the course of the last several years, during the tenure of President Bashar Assad, and sold at the fair in Qatar. Those anti-Semitic books are also spread through the internet; thus their distribution is expanded to Arab and Muslim reader audiences outside the Middle East.
  • The books present three main anti-Semitic motifs:
    • Judaism is not a monotheistic religion. Jews are depicted as infidels and idol-worshippers, spreading infidelity and corruption across the globe. This ridiculous claim (which the authors �prove� by references quoted from the Jewish Torah and Islamic religious law) indoctrinates the readers with the message that shedding Jewish blood is acceptable and that Muslims must wage an all-out war against the Jews, as with any infidels.
    • The Jews strive to take control not only of Palestine, not only of the Middle East, but of the whole world. For that purpose, they make use of world powers (US), religious factions (the fundamentalist Christians in the US), the media, and additional voluntary international organizations such as the Free Masons. According to the anti-Semitic authors, even the charm of the Jewish women and Jewish humor are part of the arsenal used by the Jews in their striving to take over the world.
    • Jews are corrupted, bloodthirsty, despicable, and possess other negative traits. Their negative traits come into play in all historical times and in all places, since the days of the Bible to modern times. Jews are associated with contemptible animals such as monkeys, pigs, and snakes. The image of Prime Minister Ariel Sharon, depicted in the form of a bloodthirsty monster, is also used as a tool to disseminate the anti-Semitic message. The de-humanization of the Jews (a method of action already used by the Nazis) is also meant to lay the foundation for acts of violence against them.2

as a source of distribution of anti-Semitic literature

  • Bashar Assad�s regime, as the regime of his father, is tainted with anti-Semitism. This has been reflected in public statements made by President Bashar Assad, anti-Semitic articles published in Syrian press, and the production of anti-Semitic movies such as The Diaspora and The Garden of Death.3 This has also been reflected in the extensive publication of anti-Semitic literature, including the publication of new editions of the Protocols of the Elders of Zion. In a totalitarian country such as Syria, where media and literature are closely monitored, those anti-Semitic publications are published with the regime�s approval and encouragement.
  • Thus, for example, a new edition of the Protocols of the Elders of Zion, written by Raja Abd al-Hamid Urabi, was published in 2005 by Dar al-Awael, a publishing house whose specialties include anti-Semitic literature). This new edition (previously analyzed by the Intelligence and Terrorism Information Center) was also sold at the International Book Fair in Qatar, alongside other anti-Semitic books published in Syria.4
  • Most of the authors of anti-Semitic books published in Syria are Syrian, but occasionally anti-Semitic literature by non-Syrian authors is published in Syria as well. The authors are university-educated, historians, writers, poets, and journalists, trying to furnish the drivel and fabrications they spread with an air of �scientific�, �academic�, and �religious Islamic� credibility. Some of those authors even work for the Syrian regime (the Propaganda Ministry, Syrian media, various regime institutions).

The marketing of anti-Semitic literature: the cover of The Protocols of the Elders of Zion, in its Syrian edition published in 2005. The book was sold at the International Book Fair in Qatar , alongside other anti-Semitic books published in Syria

  • Following is a selection of anti-Semitic books sold at the International Book Fair in Qatar, and reviewed in the present Information Bulletin:
    • �Allah or Jehovah? Which one is the God of the Jews?� (2003)
    • �The day of wrath, did it begin during the intifada of the month of Rajab?! [a reference to the current Israeli-Palestinian violent confrontation] An interpretation of the Torah prophecies on the end of the State of Israel (the publication date is not listed but its contents testify that the book was published in the past two or three years)
    • �The characteristics of Jewish personality and its nature as reflected in their humor� (1999)
    • �Talmudic concepts, the Jews� view of the world� (2003)
    • �The blood triangle, Sharon: yesterday, today, tomorrow� (2003)
    • �Quranic signs on the struggle against the Jews� (2004 edition)
    • �The boundaries of the [Jewish-Arab] conflict [are] historic. The secrets of the conflict between the Arabs and the Jews, the Zionists, and the Israelis� (2005)
    • �The Jewish woman between the scandals of the Torah and the domination of the Rabbis� (2002 edition)

a. Book: �Allah or Jehovah? Which one is the God of the Jews?�

Author: Abd al-Majid Hamo (anti-Semitic Syrian historian)

Date and place of publication: 2003 (first edition), Syria

Publishing house: Dar al-Awael, Jalaboune, Damascus

The anti-Semitic book �Allah or Jehovah? Which one is the God of the Jews?� Front cover (right), back cover (left)


  • The purpose of the book is to question the fact that Judaism is one of the monotheistic religions, using so-called �proof� taken from the Torah. The book intends to portray Jews as non-monotheistic infidels in order to inspire hatred against them, make them illegitimate in the view of Islamic religious law, and justify an all-out Islamic war against them.
  • In the book�s foreword (pp. 11-12), the author states that his teachers had taught him that Judaism was the first monotheistic religion, followed by Christianity and Islam. The author states that the book is meant to prove that Judaism is not, in fact, a monotheistic religion. The author states (p. 12): �� I noticed while reading that the Jews do not recognize Allah [i.e., God] at all and that they [never] worshipped him. When they translate the [sacred name] Jehovah into the term Allah, they do so in order to deceive and defraud, to portray themselves as being monotheistic and worshipping Allah.�
  • The following appears on the back cover of the book: �Jehovah is the God of the Jews�where did he come from? What are his qualities? The God in the Torah lies, speaks the truth, kills, shows mercy, regrets, feels sorrow, tires, rests, weakens, grows strong, and gives birth. [The question, therefore, is:] are Jews [really] monotheists?�
  • On page 16, the author writes: �It is no mystery to anyone reading the Torah that the Jews did not worship [just] one God, and that they do not accept [the fact that] one God alone controls the universe, an absolute, eternal God, who is without partner. They [Jews] discovered that Jehovah is just one god among a group of gods, differing from them by his being the most powerful.� The author backs his claim by alleged �proof� from the Torah.
  • The author reiterates the ridiculous claim that Jews worship a number of gods: one god is called El, another Tammuz, and a third Jehovah. The author claims that Jehovah is a god of tribal character, from which he once again infers that Jews are not monotheists. The author concludes the book by saying that the Jews have used the name Allah as a nickname for Jehovah, but that is incorrect. The author concludes: �Jehovah is a god of hatred, fear, and blood, who is content with visions of carnage and takes pleasure in the scent of blood�� (p. 128).

Dar al-Awael publishing

  • Dar al-Awael is a Syrian publishing house based in Damascus (in the Jalaboune neighborhood). The publishing house specializes, among other things, in the publication of anti-Semitic literature. It has a website ( which it uses for distributing its books. Among other books, Dar al-Awael has published an updated edition of the Protocols of the Elders of Zion (2005), and another anti-Semitic book (2004) titled �Murder, from the Jews� Torah and the Protocols of the Elders of Zion to Headless Horseman�.5 Several anti-Semitic books published by Dar al-Awael were sold at the International Book Fair in Qatar.

The internet homepage of the Syrian Dar al-Awael publishing house. The publishing specializes, among other things, in publishing anti-Semitic books meant to inspire hatred against the Jews and make them a legitimate target for violence.


Book author Abd al-Majid Hamo

  • Abd al-Majid Hamo, the book�s author, was a poet, historian, and Syrian researcher. He was born in 1940 in the city of Aleppo and died (probably murdered) in November 2001. Abd al-Majid Hamo wrote history books replete with anti-Semitic motifs, based on lies and fabrications. His books are still published by the Syrian regime after his death.


b. Book: �The day of wrath, did it begin during the intifada of the month of Rajab?! An interpretation of the Torah prophecies on the end of the State of Israel

Author: Sheikh Safar Abd al-Rahman al-Hawali

Date and place of publication: Syria, date unknown6

Publishing house: Dar Ghar Hira�7, Damascus

The cover of the book �The day of wrath, did it begin during the intifada of the month of Rajab?! [a reference to the current Israeli-Palestinian violent confrontation] An interpretation of the Torah prophecies on the end of the State of Israel (the last words appear in bold typeface in the Arabic original).


  • This anti-Semitic book ostensibly finds prophetic �proof� in the Torah, testifying to the end of the State of Israel, within the context of the current Israeli-Palestinian conflict. The book cover features a Star of David with an image of a snake inside, and a hand holding a rock and breaking the Star of David. The drawing is designed to convey the message that the Palestinian armed struggle will result in the destruction of Israel and the Jewish people (the snake representing Israel is a classic anti-Semitic symbol that refers to the Jewish people).
  • An alternative cover of the book was located on the internet as well. It features a US flag with the Star of David, with rocks thrown on it and causing the flagpole to break (an illustration designed to convey the message that the US, under the influence of Israel and the Jews, is about to fall as well).8

An alternative cover of the book appearing on the internet. The message that arises from the illustration: the US, under the influence of Israel and the Jews, is about to fall.

  • In the book�s foreword, the author writes, among other things, that the book is designed to lay out a course of action against the sworn enemy of humanity, [that is] �Zionism: in its Jewish and in its fundamentalist Christian forms�. The book also contains incitement against Christians and Jews. Thus, for example, on page 15 the author writes: �Christian Zionism is currently the most dangerous movement to humankind! The foundation upon which their diabolical beliefs and plans rest is the fulfillment of the prophecy of the State of Israel�s existence.� On page 84, the author states: �Zionism has two faces: one Jewish and the other Christian.�
  • The fifth chapter, titled �Jews are [the same] Jews� (pp. 39-46), is a virulent, anti-Semitic attack backed by ostensibly religious Islamic claims. On page 39, for example, the author writes: �Jews are [the same] Jews they were when they worshipped the [golden] calf� They are murderers of prophets, prevent justice, do not abide [by the fundamental Islamic precept] to uphold good and prevent evil, cursed by David and Jesus, son of Mary, and [Allah] turned them into monkeys and pigs and more.�9On pages 84-85, the author repeats the familiar anti-Semitic myths: �Jews in general and Zionists in particular spread infidelity and corruption across the world. They are the most numerous philosophers of infidelity; among them are Marx, Freud, Durkheim, Fichte, Adler, Marcuse, Herzl, Sch�ller, Bergson, and Martin Buber (Zionism is presented, therefore, as part of what is perceived by the author as ideas of infidelity of the Western culture, most of whose philosophers are Jews, as implied by the author).
  • In the final chapter, titled �God�s day of wrath� (pp. 125-137), the author claims that Allah�s �day of wrath� against the Zionists is approaching, and that it has its source at the beginning of the current violent confrontation (the Al-Aqsa Intifada). The author cites the Book of Joel to back his claim. Furthermore, the author uses the Book of Jeremiah, which ostensibly contains hints of the destruction of the IDF and of the State of Israel. On page 137, the author claims that the destruction of the State of Israel will occur either in 2012 or 2022, supposedly based on the Book of Daniel.10

The author of the book

Sheikh Safar Abd al-Rahman al-Hawali (source: his website)

  • The author of the book is Safar Abd al-Rahman al-Hawali, a Saudi sheikh with a doctorate, formerly one of the leaders of the opposition against the Saudi regime in the early 1990s, who was even held in prison for several years. The author is highly prolific, having written books and articles on religion and politics. On his website (, he preaches on Islamic religious issues and also engages in political issues, some of which are anti-Semitic, anti-American, and anti-Christian. The author, expressing the viewpoints of radical Islam, is thus given a stage by no other than the secular Syrian Baathist regime.

The homepage of Al-Hawali�s website. It is an anti-Semitic Islamic website that presents books and articles of anti-Semitic, anti-American, and anti-Christian character.

Dar Ghar Hira� publishing

  • The book is published by Dar Ghar Hira�, a Syrian publishing house based in Damascus. It has published additional anti-Semitic books, including �The Canaanites, the twisted Torah� and �Is Judaism a divine religion?�, both written by anti-Semitic Syrian historian Abd al-Majid Hamo. As noted above, the publishing house has a website offering for sale books on Islamic religion and anti-Semitic books.

The distribution of the book by Hamas

  • The complete text of this anti-Semitic book is available for download on the website of the Izz al-Din al-Qassam Brigades, Hamas� terrorist-operative wing ( This is a testimony to Hamas� identification with the contents of the book and its interest to expose the Palestinian public to its anti-Semitic messages as well.


c. Book: �The characteristics of Jewish personality and its nature as reflected in their humor�

Author: Dr. Sana Abd al-Latif Sabri

Date and place of publication: Syria, 1999 (first edition)

Publishing house: Dar al-Qalam, Damascus (with a branch in Beirut as well)

The cover of �The characteristics of Jewish personality and its nature as reflected in their humor�. The characters on the cover demonstrate stereotypical anti-Semitic motifs.


  • �The characteristics of Jewish personality and its nature as reflected in their humor� is written in an ostensibly academic style, and contains footnotes and references to other books, designed to lend this anti-Semitic book an air of scientific research. The book is meant to instill hatred against Jews by presenting them to be of corrupt character and despicable traits, in order to demonize and de-humanize them and thus provoke and justify violence against them.
  • The book ascribes to the Jews ugly characteristics reflected in their jokes, as testified by jokes collected by the author from a single source.11 A chapter in the book deals with Jews� miserliness and worship of money, another describes their qualities of deceit and fabrication, other chapters describe jealousy and hatred, lies and hypocrisy, treachery, arrogance, and so forth.
  • The following is an excerpt from the book�s foreword (pp. 7-8): ��I have also read about the characteristics of Jewish personality, and conducted a research on the origins of Jewish thought and the influence of ghetto life on their mentality, culture, and psychological makeup. I discovered that most Jews have a despicable character, and that they are the lowest, wickedest people [on earth]. They are different from other beings, they avoid proper human behavior in many spheres of life, and they possess rare characteristics and traits setting them apart from other peoples� This brought calamities upon them and was cause for waves of persecution in various historic periods, being a reaction to their ugly behavior…�
  • On pages 129-131, the author analyzes the findings of the research. �The Encyclopedia of Jewish Humor,� she says, �with the multitude of jokes contained therein � testifies that this people [i.e., the Jews] recognize their ugly traits, bad character, and abnormal moral standards. All of the above is reflected in extreme miserliness, worship of money from Germany,12 fraud, jealousy, forgery, parasitism, beggary, blowing the law of compensation out of proportion, tendency to steal and loot, hatred and animosity, bribe, tendency to lie, hypocrisy, prudery, treachery, deception, deceit, cunning, disputatiousness, fraud, scheming, assassinations, murder, feelings of persecution, arrogance, weakness of religious faith, non-implementation of religious commandments, and disregard for others.�

The author of the book

  • The author of this anti-Semitic book is Dr. Sana Abd al-Latif Sabri, who is considered to be an expert on Modern Hebrew studies and a teaching staff member of the literature college at Helwan University in Egypt. Sana Abd al-Latif has written many books and articles on Israeli society, translated books from Hebrew, and edited numerous research works on Israelon behalf of the Syrian Information Ministry while working as a translator and editor of its Palestine directorate.

Dar al-Qalam Publishing

  • The book is published by Dar al-Qalam, a publishing house specializing on Islamic issues and politics. Among other publications, it publishes books written by Sheikh Yussuf al-Qardawi, an Islamist sheikh known for his support of the Palestinians� suicide bombing terrorism. The management offices of the publishing house are located in Damascus and Beirut. The books it publishes are distributed in Saudi Arabia by a publishing house called Dar al-Bashir in Jedda. The publishing house has a website offering the books for sale, including those written by Al-Qardawi. The website even contains a photograph where the publisher, Muhammad Salim Dawla Ma�rouf (probably the owner) and Sheikh Yussuf Qardawi are seen together.13


d. Book: �Talmudic concepts, the Jews� view of the world�

Author: Abd al-Majid Hamo

Editor:Ismail al-Kurdi

Date and place of publication: Syria, 2003 (first edition)

Publishing house: Dar al-Awael

�Talmudic concepts, the Jews� view of the world�. The cover features parchments symbolizing the Talmud, surrounded by a trail of stars, which may suggest that Jews are interested in taking over the world. The background color is light blue, a color associated with Israel .

  • �Talmudic concepts, the Jews� view of the world� is a distinctly anti-Semitic book, drawing upon the worldviews of the Protocols of the Elders of Zion and taking on the veneer of an academic research. The book strives to �prove� that the Jews are the source of all evil in the world. On page 11 there is a dedication by author Abd al-Majid Hamo, addressed to the oppressed and the persecuted all over the globe. It says that the source of all disease and disasters in the world are the Zionists (called �the despisers of humanity and destroyers of its ideals and values�).
  • In the foreword, the author states that he has tried to understand the Talmud in full in order to �conduct a comprehensive research about it, in which I shall warn the world about the evil of the Jews; [Jews] do not settle for the occupation of Palestine�our precious heart, our main artery, our first direction of prayer, the birthplace of the Messiah [Jesus], and the place from which our Arab messenger [Prophet Muhammad] ascended to heaven. They do not settle for the occupation of our lands from the Euphrates to the Nile, as they have written on their houses� doors, and neither do they settle for sucking the blood of humanity and robbing it of its treasures.They want to destroy everything on Earth so that they are left alone in the world with all of its treasures.�
  • Similarly to other anti-Semites, the author subjects the Talmud, Kabbalah, and the Book of Zohar to ostensibly �scientific� research methods in order to find proof in those sources of his anti-Semitic views. Thus, for example, on page 65 he raises a baseless claim saying that the Talmud is a highly secret book, in order to lead the reader to understand that there is a Jewish �conspiracy� against all non-Jews. On pages 111-112, the author claims that the viper plays an important role in Judaism, in order to associate Jews with a loathsome, fear-inspiring animal.14 On page 115, the author claims that the temple was built on the foundation of a pagan structure, implying that Judaism is a pagan religion (and Jews are infidels), thus laying the foundation for an Islamic all-out war against it.
  • On page 47, the author quotes a book by As�ad Razzouq, �Talmud and Zionism� (published in 1970): �It is time (1966) for Arabs to know that the wise men of Zion rely on the Talmud, to which they turn, upon which they rest, and whose spirit gave rise to the Protocols [of the Elders of Zion], which were formulated as decisions.� On page 191, the author states that according to the Talmud, �Jews must kill non-Jews to the best of their ability, and rob them of their property by all means possible.� It further states that �those who are not Jews [according to the Talmud] are dogs and pigs, and their seed is like the seed of animals.�
  • At the end of the book, under the title of �Afterword�, the author writes: �We have wandered the reaches of the Talmud, learned how it was conceived, where it developed, and what cunning, craftiness, hatred, and deception lie within… I hope humanity becomes aware of the [true nature of] Jews, their hatred [of humanity], and their cruel, destructive view of humanity… I hope that Christianity, bound and humiliated by the Jews, awakens. I hope Muslims awaken after being persuaded by Judaism that it was the first monotheistic religion.� Later on, the writer once again questions the fact that Judaism is the first monotheistic religion in order to portray Jews as infidels and lay the foundation for hurting them.


e. Book: �The blood triangle, Sharon : yesterday, today, tomorrow�

Author: Dr. Jamal al-Badri

Date and place of publication: 2003 (first edition)

Publishing house: Dar al-Awael

The cover of �The blood triangle, Sharon : yesterday, today, tomorrow�

  • �The blood triangle, Sharon: yesterday, today, tomorrow� intends to demonize Jews through the character of Prime Minister Ariel Sharon. The use of Prime Minister Ariel Sharon�s character as a means to assimilate anti-Israeli and anti-Semitic messages has become commonplace across the Arab world in recent years. It is reflected in books, articles in the press, television shows, and cartoons.15
  • The first three words of the book�s title are written in a red, blood-dripping typeface, evoking devilry, murder, and bloodlust. On the bottom part of the title, set against a stain of blood, there appears a Star of David in an expanding graphical form, invoking a sense of Israel�s wide-reaching expansion. The author of the book is Dr. Jamal al-Badri, who has written a number of books on Judaism and Quranic commentary.
  • Pages 27-32 describe the biography of Ariel Sharon, depicting him as a vicious person, slaughtering Palestinian women, old men, and children, who does not bow to the authority of his superiors. The message is clear: if the symbol and example of the Jews, or, as Ariel Sharon is referred to in the book, �the Messiah of the Jews,� acts the way he does, it is a reflection of the entire society, and this is where the book�s anti-Semitic message is evident. On page 52, Sharon is called �a rebellious viper�, in the finest tradition of anti-Semitism, using a snake as a symbol for the Jews.
  • On page 59, the last page in the book, the author writes the following (citing no references): �That is how [Ariel Sharon�s late] wife Lily called him: �Ariel�, you are the lord, the prince, the emperor� But you are all of those put together, my love!� And he responded to her jokingly: �But I am the triangle of blood, Lily my dear: yesterday, today, and tomorrow.�� The intention is to create a monstrous image of the Israeli Prime Minister and Jews in general, since throughout the entire book the author stresses the connection between Sharon�s �monstrosity� and his being a symbol and example of Jews at large.


f. Book: �Quranic signs on the struggle against the Jews�

Author: Dr. Mustafa Muslim

Date and place of publication: 2004 (first edition in 1999), Syria

Publishing house: Dar al-Qalam, Damascus

The cover of the book: the title features a Star of David, a menorah, and text from the Torah, while text from the Quran appears on the other side. The message conveyed: the struggle against the Jews is fundamentally religious rather than national. The image is on a black background, with a spotlight targeted on the objects to invoke an atmosphere of secrecy and mystery.

  • This is an anti-Semitic book, making use of both the Quran and the Protocols of the Elders of Zion to disseminate hatred against Jews, accusing them of intending to take over all the peoples and rule the souls of every inhabitant of Earth.
  • In the foreword (p. 5), Jews are accused of taking over the world in the spirit of the Protocols of the Elders of Zion. The author argues that �in the struggle waged by Arabs against Jews there have been significant developments�, key among which are: �The Jewish hegemony of world economy has increased� and [so has] the Jews� domination of world politics through the idea of globalization� [All of this is accompanied] by the nullification of the UN�s role� It only remains to officially declare the [establishment of the] global state of the Jews and expose its agents, who work behind the scenes to carry out its policies. This move is joined by another… It is a move [whose purpose is] to destroy the Al-Aqsa Mosque and erect the Hall of Solomon [the Temple] in its stead…�
  • On pages 21-22, the author ascribes to Jews intentions to take over the world through the Free Masons movement. The following preposterous question is raised on page 166: �Are we going to see a chain of people spreading in the form of the Israeli snake, with its tail in Jerusalem, continuing to twist round every capital of the world, until returning to Jerusalem to reinforce the connection, and then Israel will become the ruler of the world�s countries due to the chain of people?� On pages 183-193, the author blames the Jews for the outbreak of wars in the world, including the two world wars.16Furthermore, Jews are accused of planning a third world war. The author states that Jews consider other peoples to be their servants, they dominate the US, and their plan is to take over the world.

The author of the book

  • The book�s author is Dr.Mustafa Muslim, a resident of the Emirate of Dubai. He is considered an expert on Islamic religious law and specializes in Quranic commentary. The author is a teaching staff member in the University of Sharjah in the United Arab Emirates. The contents of the book and a cable television show in which he took part make it clear that he is a outspoken anti-Semite who disseminates hatred against the Jewish people. Up until now, he has published several books on Quranic commentary in the Syrian Dar al-Qalam publishing house.

Dr. Mustafa Muslim: an outspoken anti-Semite who intertwines the abhorrent anti-Semitism he disseminates with myths from the Protocols of the Elders of Zion, along with anti-Semitism based on Islam, under an ostensibly academic veneer


g. Book: �The boundaries of the [Jewish-Arab] conflict are historic. The secrets of the conflict between the Arabs and the Jews, the Zionists, and the Israelis�

Author: Muwaffaq Sadeq al-Attar

Date and place of publication: 2005 (first edition), Syria

Publishing house: Dar al-Awael

The cover shows the map of the Arab world with an adjacent Star of David. The map features a (peace) dove whose flight is blocked by a hand. The implication of the illustration is that the Jews want to take over the Arab world and preclude world peace. There are flames framing the above-mentioned illustration on one side, perhaps in order to convey that Jews are threatening the peace.

  • The book has as its goal to point out that the Jews have a negative and evil character, based on ostensible �proof� from Torah and Talmudic texts. These texts, claims the author, lay bare the Jews� �racist dimension�, their evil nature, and �the hidden Jewish desire for killing and hostility� (from the back cover blurb and the introduction, page 23).
  • As is the rule in Arab anti-Semitic literature, the Jews are blamed for aspiring to take over the US and the whole world. According to the author, they exercise hegemony over the film industry, putting it to their use. Anti-Semitism is depicted as a �Jewish weapon [sic]�, used by the Jews to tarnish the name of their enemies.
  • This book also presents the Jews as idol-worshippers. It contains ridiculous claims that the Jewish people attribute human characteristics to God, and that God is depicted in Judaism as a sinner who regrets, reconsiders his decisions, and so forth, testifying to the Jews� lack of true faith in divine ability (p. 24). The author also deals with the Protocols of the Elders of Zion (pp. 291-292). He argues that although the book was not written by Jews, the way �the Zionists in Palestine� operate cannot be far from the method of action described in the Protocols.

The author of the book

  • The book�s author is Muwaffaq Sadeq al-Attar, born in Damascus in 1931. The author is an economist, who has fulfilled senior positions in the Syrian government. Since the year 1989, he resides in and acts from the US. Sadeq al-Attar has published several books on fundamentalism in the three monotheistic religions and about the Israeli-Arab conflict.17

h. Book: �The Jewish woman between the scandals of the Torah and the domination of the Rabbis�

Author: Dib Ali Hassan

Date and place of publication: Three editions published in Syria in 2000, 2001, and 2002

Publishing house: Dar al-Awael, Jalaboune, Damascus

The book�s back cover
The cover of the book

The book�s back cover, featuring the following absurdities:
�This book reveals how the Jewish Poppea [Sabina] facilitated the burning of Rome by Nero [Roman emperor in the first century AD] and his killing by his mother.
How Shulamith danced naked in front of Herod, in exchange for which John the Baptist was beheaded.
How Esther seduced Ahasuerus and in exchange he gave the Jews the right to kill more than half of the kingdom�s residents�
How Roxelane rose from seamstress to the official wife of Suleiman, the Sultan of Turkey, and how [she] dictated Turkish history ever since.
How Netanyahu threatened to burn down Washington if Clinton exerted pressure [on Israel] for the peace process, after which Monica�s dress appeared [i.e., Monica Lewinsky], and on it [ Clinton�s seed]�?!!
[These are] pages from the false [in this context, distorted] history of the Jews and their subhuman view of women�
An object� a means� a plaything� a chess piece� impurity� seduction� drugs� prostitution� that is the Jewish woman [in Jews� eyes].
This research clarifies, publicly exposes [in the pages of history], and reveals how the Jewish rabbis turned the Jewish women into playthings, acting on their own will since [the beginning] of the Jews� existence until now!!!�


  • The absurdities in the book, presented as a research (!), are meant to depict Jews as being corrupted and the root of all the world�s problems. It depicts the Jewish woman as the Jews� spearhead, meant to be used towards the realization of their foul ambitions. The author does that by making up vulgar tales on Jewish women, presenting them as full-fledged historic facts.
  • The book portrays the Jewish woman as a whore, a corrupted seductress who stops at nothing to achieve her aims, without any values, and the complete opposite of the image of the humble Arab woman. The author presents Jewish women as standing at the forefront of Jewish corruption and insidiousness.18 The book reviews Jewish women starting from Esther, who seduced Ahasuerus to save the Jews, to female agents supposedly sent on behalf of the Mossad.
  • The book is accompanied by numerous anti-Semitic epithets for Jews, such as: �The Jews are a lost people, sons of snakes, evil, murderers of the heir [probably referring to Jesus] and the prophets, they are the people of the curse and worshippers of money�� and so forth (p. 7).

The author of the book

  • The author of this anti-Semitic book is Dib Ali Hassan, a Syrian journalist writing for the official Syrian daily Al-Thawra.

Dib Ali Hassan, an anti-Semitic journalist who chose to portray the Jewish woman as a central means used by the Jews towards the corruption of the world.