News of the Israeli-Palestinian Confrontation (January 1-15, 2006)

Terrorist elements in Lebanon continue their
attempts to send arms and ammunition to terrorist

organizations operating in the Gaza Strip.
The photographs show a ship captured by the
Lebanese army, carrying arms and ammunition
bound for the Gaza Strip
(Al-Manar Television, January 8).



Main points 

  • The escalation of Qassam rocket fire on Israeli populated areas in the Negev, begun in the previous month, continues. The IDF persisted with its preventive activities, which included shooting at the launching sites and their access routes, and the killing (by an air strike) of a terrorist operative who stood behind the rocket fire.

  • The Hamas movement, which participates the coming elections to the Legislative Council, reiterated its familiar positions of non-recognition of the State of Israel and the Israeli-Palestinian agreements, and its intention to continue the violent confrontation with Israel (even though several Hamas operatives attempted to soften or diminish the significance of such messages). At the same time, Hamas’ political platform includes a call for government reforms within Palestinian politics and society, striking a chord with the Palestinian people, who have grown tired of anarchy and corruption.