The hate industry: articles of anti-Semitic nature published in the Jordanian press over the past two months


1. A number of articles of anti-Semitic nature appeared in the Jordanian press in November-December 2006. Written by well-known publicists, the articles contained venomous attacks on Israel and the Jewish people.

2. It should be noted that venomous attacks on Israel laced with anti-Semitic motives appear in the Jordanian press from time to time, mostly in the Al-Rai newspaper. However, the extent of the phenomenon in Jordan is relatively minor compared to other countries like Egypt , Lebanon , Syria , and Iran . 1

Main points of the articles

3. Muwaffaq Muhaddin views Jewish history and religion as a fabrication (in an article in Al-Arab al-Youm, November 23). In his article, he 2writes that the Jewish religion and the Jews have no exact definition, and that the Jews have taken over the history and religion of the Middle East and turned them into a Jewish history that does not exist in reality. Judaism, he claims, must be viewed as an ideology rather than fact.

Muwaffaq Muhaddin: comparing the Jews to Christians and portraying
the Torah as a �series of Nazi guidelines�

4. In the same article, Muwaffaq Muhaddin adds that the Jewish ideology is recorded in the �five books� (i.e., the Pentateuch). He claims that those who believe in those books ought to be as ostracized as the Nazis, since those books are �a series of Nazi, barbarian, and racist guidelines�. The writer raises the question how, in the name of the war on Nazism, the EU parliament passes laws that penalize all critics of Judaism, while Judaism itself is a kind of Nazism.

5. In an article published in Al-Rai on November 21, Husni Aish 3 writes that the killing of civilians is part of a Jewish-Israeli-Zionist-Toraic-Talmudic faith. He claims that Jews are brought up in this faith. Furthermore, even though they were the victims of the Nazi Holocaust, they were those who invented the Holocaust as a historic event and established it religion- and culture-wise. The writer therefore concludes that no peace or even capitulation can ever change the Jews’ faith as long as they keep reading the Torah and the Talmud every day and bring up their children with values that perpetuate the killing of civilians. The article includes quotes from Deuteronomy and Joshua supposedly illustrating the Jewish espousal of indiscriminate killing as a policy.

6. In another article by Muwaffaq Muhaddin (Al-Arab al-Youm, December 10), he writes on arrogance (�chutzpah�) as a political term. He claims that arrogance has been part of the philosophy of the State of Israel since its very establishment: from its claim to others’ lands (i.e., the Land of Israel ), considering those lands an historic homeland, to the perception of that homeland as an element with historic roots. In his article, he also addresses what he refers to as � Israel ‘s arrogant message on fundamentalism, terrorism, and the nuclear threat�. He states that while Israel talks about the Arab backwardness, stemming from fundamentalism, it forgets that it was the first country in modern times established on the basis of Jewish religious fundamentalism.