In recent months, the Israel Security Agency and the IDF have uncovered a PFLP squad which operated in the district of Hebron and was directed from Gaza.

Ramzi Sharawne, whose interrogation led to the exposure of the
Popular Front’s intention to perpetrate terrorist attacks

1. Ramzi Sharawne , an operative of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP) from the region of Doura (in the district of Hebron), was arrested in February 2007. In his interrogation, conducted by the Israel Security Agency, he revealed details on the activity of a PFLP squad in the district of Hebron, including details on terrorist attacks it intended to perpetrate.

2. What follows are the main points brought up in his interrogation:

a. Ramzi Sharawne held contact with prominent PFLP operatives in the Gaza Strip. They told him that they had been responsible for assembling the organization squads in Nablus and Jenin, and asked him to put together a squad in the Hebron district as well.

b. The operatives in the Gaza Strip asked Ramzi Sharawne to recruit a terrorist for perpetrating a suicide bombing attack in Israel . According to what the operatives told Sharawne, they were interested in perpetrating the terrorist attack at a synagogue �in revenge for the Jews’ actions on Temple Mount �.

c. Ramzi Sharawne, who had illegally worked at a construction site near a synagogue in the city of Modi’in , requested the Gaza Strip operatives’ approval to perpetrate the suicide bombing at the synagogue he knew thanks to the work he had done there.

d. In his interrogation, Ramzi Sharawne related that he had planned to blow up the synagogue in Modi’in when it was empty, and then escape in the direction of Ramallah. He had even conducted a preliminary tour of the synagogue.

3. The investigation of the affair showed that the PFLP squad assembled by Ramzi Sharawne had planned to perpetrate many other terrorist attacks in various forms. For example:

a. The squad intended to kidnap American citizens in Judea and Samaria to trade them for PFLP leader Ahmad Sa’adat, held prisoner in Israel for his involvement in the murder of late Israeli minister Rechavam Zeevi. 2 The squad members made a kidnapping attempt over a year ago; however, the intended victim was released immediately after being caught since he was screaming.

b. The squad planned to perpetrate a shooting attack and lay an explosive charge at a bus stop in the city of Modi’in .

c. The squad planned to perpetrate shooting and stabbing attacks in the Hebron district.

Nimr Fahmi Badr Jaber (right) and Sari Sharif Abd al-Jaber (left),
two of the PFLP operatives arrested in the Hebron district

4. In summary: so far, twelve PFLP operatives have been arrested by the Israeli security forces in the Hebron district. Those arrested include students in Al-Aroub College . Their exposure and arrest thwarted severe terrorist attacks planned by the squad, including a suicide bombing attack and a kidnapping attempt for bargaining, directed by PFLP operatives in the Gaza Strip.