An IDF activity in the northern Gaza Strip exposed a tunnel shaft hidden in a hothouse, apparently dug to carry out a terrorist attack in Israel

IDF soldiers next to the tunnel shaft inside the hothouse (IDF Spokesman’s Website, August 16).


Generator and tools found near the tunnel shaft. The generator was probably placed in the ground to muffle the noise and to make its discovery less likely (IDF Spokesman’s Website, August 16).

1. On August 14-15 the IDF carried out counterterrorist activities in the Gaza Strip in the north (near Beit Lahiya) and the south (near ‘Abasan al-Jadeeda).

2. During the activities in the Beit Hanoun region a tunnel shaft was exposed in a tomato hothouse, about 700 meters (4/10 of a mile) from the northern Gaza Strip security fence. A generator sunk into the earth and tools used to dig the tunnel were also found. The IDF detonated the tunnel. It was discovered thanks to combined efforts the continuing activities of the IDF on the ground and of the Israeli Security Agency (IDF Spokesman’s Website, August 16).

3. The terrorist organizations in the Gaza Strip, especially Hamas, have built a vast number of tunnels in recent years for both defensive and offensive purposes. 1 The tunnel, of which only about 20 meters (22 yards) had been dug when it was exposed, was intended, in our assessment, to used to infiltrate terrorist operatives into Israel or to be exploded under an IDF post.