Indoctrination for the coming school year: the TV show “Brilliant Children,” broadcast by Hamas’ Al-Aqsa TV, featured a child whose special field was jihad (holy war).


Left: the opening screen of "Brilliant Children.” Right: "Ahmad,” the jihad expert.

(Al-Aqsa TV, September 3, 2007).


1. Every Monday afternoon Al-Aqsa TV, the most important medium in Hamas’ media empire, broadcasts a children’s program called " Brilliant Children ,” on which child experts in various fields are interviewed. The September 3 episode, a special for the beginning of the school year , featured a child named "Ahmad” (a name symbolizing all Palestinian children), whose field of expertise was defined as jihad (holy war).

2. The "brilliant child,” a jihad warrior, was seen in a short movie wearing a camouflage suit, holding a rifle and miming military actions. In the background comments could be heard such as "The homeland is dear to us,” "… with our bravery and steadfastness…” and "We will restore it with our strength, with our childhood.”

3. Such programs are meant to indoctrinate the younger generation of Palestinians with Hamas’ radical Islamic ideology, at the core of which is jihad . Such ideology is indoctrinated through Hamas’ educational system (kindergartens, schools and universities) and other means as well. It is all part of Hamas’ long-term strategy to train new generations of brainwashed Hamas operatives who will participate in the violent campaign to destroy Israel and wipe it off the map. 1

4. The following are pictures from the program:

Two children hosting the show "Brilliant Children”

"Ahmad” carrying out military drills as a jihad warrior

1 For further information see our June 6, 2007 Bulletin entitled "Inculcating kindergarten children with radical Islamic ideology and the culture of anti-Israel terrorism”