The hate industry: coarse anti-Semitic cartoons drawn by Palestinian cartoonist Alaa’ Allaqta appear regularly in Hamas’ newspaper, Felesteen, on the Palestinian Islamic Jihad Website and in Saudi Arabian and Qatari newspapers.

The cartoonist…


…and his cartoons.


Alaa’ Allaqta, Palestinian cartoonist (Photo from Felesteen, November 5, 2007 ). His cartoons, which recycle anti-Semitic motifs, are published by the Palestinian terrorist organization media and in the Arab countries.


The title reads "Bilateral meetings.” A Jew as snake (an anti-Semitic symbol of the Jews) has his coils around an Arab who is hugging him, apparently in all good faith (Felesteen, October 27, 2007 ).

1. Dr. Alaa’ Allaqta is a young plastic surgeon who grew up in Al-Shati refugee camp in the Gaza Strip and studied medicine in Romania . For the last year has been living in Cairo , a visiting doctor at the Ain Shams University medical school.

2. He is famous throughout the Arab world and in recent months has published particularly vicious anti-Semitic cartoons in the Palestinian and Arab media. He has drawn many cartoons, including anti-Semitic ones, which are both published in the Hamas-affiliated Gaza Strip newspaper Felesteen and posted on the Palestinian Islamic Jihad-affiliated Paltoday Website. They also appear in the Qatari newspaper Al-Sharq and in the Saudi Arabian Al-Madinah .

3. His cartoons, which recycle anti-Semitic motifs (with the addition of anti-Israel hate propaganda), have recently been part of a propaganda campaign against the Israeli-Palestinian negotiations and the upcoming Annapolis meeting . The Jews are invariably portrayed as negative stereotypes (blood-thirsty, treacherous, greedy), and are represented as snakes and as controlling the American media.

4. Examples of his cartoons follow:

A stereotyped Jew with bloody hands and a skull on his tie about to take a sack inscribed "the right to return” from a Palestinian holding an olive branch ( Felesteen and Al-Sharq , November 1).

A stereotyped Jew proposes peace while planning to stab the Palestinian in the back ( Felesteen and the Paltoday Website, October 19, 2007 ).

Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert as a snake coiled around Al-Aqsa mosque. The snake is one of the symbols used by anti-Semites to represent Jews. 1 The inscription reads, "Before the peace meeting: Israel appropriates land in Jerusalem ” (Felesteen, October 16, 2007 ).

The Jews as controlling the American media. The inset reads "the American media” (Felesteen, October 3).

An Israeli soldier depicted as a stereotyped Jew erasing the word "peace” (Hamas-affiliated newspaper Felesteen, September 9, 2007 ).

American aid for Israel : under the inscription "American aid for Israel is estimated at $30 billion.” The American foot on the scale is inscribed "the balance of power” (Paltoday Website, September 2007).

An Israeli shooting an unborn Palestinian baby. The inscription reads "[An alleged quotation from the British newspaper] The Independent: Israel ‘s target is [killing] unborn [Palestinian] babies in the their mothers’ wombs” (from the Qatari Al-Sharq, May 14, 2007 ).

1 Beginning with the 19 th century, and more so after the publication of The Protocols of the Elders of Zion at the beginning of the 20 th , the Jews were identified by anti-Semites with snakes and octopuses. Both appear in many cartoons and illustrations in books throughout the Arab-Muslim world. Representing Ehud Olmert as a snake is the recycling of similar cartoons in which Ariel Sharon, Ehud Barak and other important Jewish and Israeli figures were also featured as snakes.