Israeli Air Force Film Clips Show Use Hamas Makes of Gazan Civilians as Human Shields

IDF Spokesman, January 18, 2009

IDF Spokesman, January 18, 2009

IDF Spokesman, January 18, 2009
Launcher from fire rockets were fired at Israel, positioned between two school buildings
in the Saja’iya neighborhood of eastern Gaza City. The Israeli Air Force did not attack because
of the launcher’s proximity to the school building (IDF Spokesman, January 18, 2009).

1. The following film clips were photographed during an Israeli Air Force attack against terrorist targets in the Gaza Strip during Operation Cast Lead. They clearly show how terrorist squads fighting the IDF and launching rockets into Israel position themselves near houses, mosques and educational institutions, endangering the lives of local residents.

2. The films clearly show how the terrorist organizations turned the civilian residents of the Gaza Strip into human shields by situating their military facilities in densely-populated civilian neighborhoods. They also show how the Israeli Air Force scrupulously made pinpoint attacks on terrorist targets (squads, rocket launchers, firing positions, etc.). In certain instances the pilots forewent attacks to avoid harming non-combatant civilians from within whose midst the terrorists operated.


1. Rocket launcher attacked in school yard

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2. Locating rocket launcher between two schools

3. House with ammunition tunnel attacked

4. Grad rocket launcher ready for firing attacked

5. Mosque where rockets were stored attacked

6. Mosque where ammunition was stored attacked

7. Preventing civilians from being harmed