Israeli Air Force Film Clips and IDF Spokesman Pictures Show Use the Hamas Made of a School for Military Purposes during Operation Cast Lead File No. 4


1. The pictures and film clips which follow were photographed during Operation Cast Lead. They clearly illustrate how Hamas and the other terrorist organizations used schools as rocket and mortar shell launching sites, and how they booby-trapped them to inflict losses on IDF forces .

2. A considerable percentage of the schools in the Gaza Strip belong to UNRWA. Using them for military purposes endangers the pupils and is a grave violation of the international laws of armed combat.

3. In addition to using schools for military purposes, Hamas used children as human shields during Operation Cast Lead.

Booby-trapped school in the Zeitun neighborhood in Gaza City

School in the Zeitun neighborhood which was completely booby-trapped. A delayed-action fuse leads from the school to a small zoo nearby where the animals were left in their cages. IDF soldiers neutralized the bombs. A cache of weapons was later found in the school building, including rifles and RPG launchers (IDF Spokesman, January 11. 2009).

Video of the booby-trapped school  

Hamas military camp situated near school

Using schools as rocket and mortar shell launching sites

Film of rocket launching from school yard ( January 9, 2009 ).

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4. In one instance, after the ceasefire, the Israeli Air Force identified a rocket launcher which had been used to fire rockets into Israeli territory. It was situated between two school buildings in the Saja’iya neighborhood, in eastern Gaza City . The Israeli Air Force did not attack the launcher because of its proximity to the schools.

Rocket launcher aimed at Israel stationed between two school buildings in the
Saja’iya neighborhood of Gaza City (IDF Spokesman, January 18, 2009).