Spotlight on Global Jihad (March 30 – April 5, 2017)

Issued on 05/04/2017 Type Article
The pressure on ISIS in Iraq and Syria is increasing: Following the takeover of the Tabqa Dam and the airfield to its south, SDF forces operating with American support advanced to the city of Tabqa. After several weeks of fighting, the Syrian forces took over the town of Deir Hafer. Fighting in west Mosul continues to focus on the Old City. Turkey announced the successful conclusion of Operation Euphrates Shield.

Hamas’s military wing uses foreign aid funds sent to the Gaza Strip: The case of the head of the Gaza Strip office of the Turkish aid organization TIKA

Issued on 27/03/2017 Type Article
In February 2017, the Israeli security forces arrested Muhammad Faruq Sha’aban Murtaja, a resident of the Gaza Strip, the head of TIKA’s Gaza office. TIKA is a humanitarian aid organization operating on behalf of the Turkish government throughout the world, including in Judea, Samaria and the Gaza Strip.

Spotlight on Global Jihad (March 16-22, 2017)

Issued on 22/03/2017 Type Article
The main focus of the fighting in Syria this week was an attack on several neighborhoods in eastern Damascus by the rebel organizations. While ISIS is becoming weaker and is on the strategic defensive, Fateh al-Sham Front, the rival jihadi organization affiliated with Al-Qaeda, is becoming stronger and is participating in offensive initiatives in Damascus, Hama and Daraa. In the meantime, the pressure on ISIS is mounting: In Al-Raqqah, ISIS’s stronghold in Syria, the siege of the SDF is intensifying, with the support of the United States. In Mosul, the Iraqi security forces continue to expand their control over the western part of the city.

Spotlight on Global Jihad (March 9-15, 2017)

Issued on 15/03/2017 Type Article
The pressure on ISIS in Iraq and Syria is increasing: In Mosul, the Iraqi forces continue to expand their control in the west of the city. In Al-Raqqah, the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), with US support, continue to cleanse the area to the north and east of the city. In the area east of Aleppo, the Syrian Army, with Russian air support, continues to advance from the Al-Bab area to the area of Lake Assad in the Euphrates Valley. ISIS is attempting to halt the advancing forces by means of fierce fighting and the use of car bombs.

Spotlight on Iran* (February 26 – March 12, 2017)

Issued on 12/03/2017 Type Article
The chairman of the Iranian Shaheed Foundation said 2,100 fighters deployed from Iran to Syria and Iraq had been killed. Responding to reports that the American administration planned to designate it as a terrorist organization, senior Iranian officials declared their support for the IRGC. An Iranian opposition website posted photos allegedly showing that planes belonging to the Iranian airline Mahan Air, which has ties to the IRGC, are used to transport Iranian, Syrian and Yemeni dead and wounded to Iran.

Spotlight on Global Jihad (March 2-8, 2017)

Issued on 08/03/2017 Type Article
The Syrian Army, with Russian support, completed the liberation of the city After the liberation of the city of Al-Bab from ISIS by the Free Syrian Army, attention has shifted to the city of Manbij, In Iraq, the Iraqi security forces continued to strengthen and expand their control in west Mosul.
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Information on Turkey
Since the Islamic party won the 2008 elections in Turkey and Recep Tayyip Erdoğan became prime minister, Turkey's regional foreign policy has become assertive and reflects a sense of self confidence and self-importance. Turkey seeks to strengthen its relations with its neighbors, especially Iran, Iraq and Syria to provide itself with strategic depth and to gain regional influence. Turkey exploits regional instability, which it perceives as an opportunity to advance its interests and increase its influence.
Turkey uses of NGOs to promote its interests. One of those is IHH, a radical Islamist organization which regards the support of Turkish policy as one of its functions. IHH is an active participant in the convoys and flotillas to the Gaza Strip and provides support for Hamas. The organization receives logistic support from the government of Turkey as well as political protection.
Under Erdogan, Turkey gradually changed its relations with Israel, siding more and more with the Palestinians in their anti-Israeli campaign. The government of Turkey gives Hamas financial and other support and on several occasions Erdogan has denounced Israeli policy.
The worst crisis in relations between Israel and Turkey resulted from the events of the Mavi Marmara flotilla, during which nine Turkish nationals, IHH operatives, were killed. The IHH operatives aboard the Mavi Marmara employed extreme violence to counter the attempts of the Israeli Navy to prevent the flotilla from entering the Gaza port. Following the incident Turkey downgraded its diplomatic and military relations with Israel, while economic relations remained virtually intact.