The Palestinian Islamic Jihad

Escalation in the South – Update (November 12, 13:00 Hours)

Issued on 12/11/2012 Type Article
The round of escalation in the south that began on November 10 with an anti-tank missile attack on an IDF jeep continues. So far 109 rockets have been fired into Israeli territory, as well as a number of mortar shells.

Another round of escalation after Palestinian terrorists fire an anti-tank missile at an IDF vehicle, wounding four soldiers *

Issued on 11/11/2012 Type Article
On the evening of November 10, 2012, Palestinian terrorist operatives fired a Kornet anti-tank missile at an IDF jeep engaged in routine counterterrorism activities near the security fence in the central Gaza Strip.

A festive ceremony was held in Jenin to award a plaque from the Cairo-based Arab Lawyers Union to the family of suicide bomber Hinadi Jaradat.

Issued on 18/10/2012 Type Article
It was another example of the glorifying of suicide bombers and turning them into role models in Palestinian and Arab society.

News of Terrorism and the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict (October 3-9, 2012)

Issued on 09/10/2012 Type Article
This past week there was another round of escalation in rocket fire from the Gaza Strip. On October 6 the IDF intercepted and downed a drone which entered Israeli territory from the sea.

Terrorism and the Internet: the Palestinian Islamic Jihad's Internet Network*

Issued on 27/09/2012 Type Article
The PIJ makes extensive use of the Internet in the battle for hearts and minds it wages against Israel. In addition, the PIJ uses the website to disseminate its ideology and reinforce its position in the internal Palestinian arena. While the PIJ has a smaller Internet presence than Hamas, it is making an effort to increase it rapidly (six websites in 2007 compared with ten in 2012), and improve it technologically.

News of Terrorism and the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict (September 20-24, 2012)

Issued on 24/09/2012 Type Article
The focus of this past week’s events was an incident on the Israeli-Egyptian border in which an IDF soldier was killed. An Israeli Air Force strike prevented a terrorist attack from the Gaza Strip via the Sinai Peninsula. These incidents show once again that the threat of terrorism from the Israeli-Egyptian border is growing more serious.
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Information on The Palestinian Islamic Jihad
The Palestinian Islamic Jihad is the second largest and most important terrorist organization in the Gaza Strip. It was established in the Gaza Strip in the 1970s by students studying in Egypt, members of the Muslim Brotherhood, and headed by Dr. Fathi Shqaqi. Inspired by the Islamic Revolution in Iran, the Palestinian Islamic Jihad has a radical fundamentalist Sunni Muslim ideology, and seeks for the immediate "liberation" of Palestine through jihad (holy war) and the establishment of a Muslim Palestinian state. The Palestinian Islamic Jihad rejects any arrangement or agreement with Israel.
The Palestinian Islamic Jihad views terrorism as the only way to advance its goals. It is exclusively a terrorist organization and does to invest its resources in social or welfare activities for the Palestinian population.
The Palestinian Islamic Jihad has a military-terrorist wing called the Jerusalem Brigades which carries out terrorist attacks against Israel, including suicide bombing attacks. Today the Palestinian Islamic Jihad focuses primarily on rocket attacks, among them attacks with long-range rockets and mortar shells launched from the Gaza Strip.
The Palestinian Islamic Jihad has been designated as a terrorist organization by the United States.
The Palestinian Islamic Jihad's leadership is permanently located in Syria. The Palestinian Islamic Jihad is pro-Iranian and receives extensive support from Tehran.