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Issued on 30/12/2005 Type Article
The Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ) is a terrorist organization specializing in planning and carrying out suicide bombing attacks in Israeli cities. For the past year, sponsored and supported by Iran and Syria, it has operated non-stop to sabotage the lull in the fighting and to escalate the violence in the ongoing Israeli-Palestinian confrontation. Since the beginning of 2005 it has carried out a series of deadly suicide bombing attacks in Tel Aviv, Hadera and Netanya (2 attacks) killing 21 civilians and wounding approximately 160.

The Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ) carries out another suicide bombing attack at the entrance to the shopping mall in Netanya, killing five Israeli civilians and wounding more than 50

Issued on 21/12/2005 Type Article
The Iranian- and Syrian-sponsored terrorist organization carried out most of the suicide bombing attacks during the lull, intending to sabotage it and deteriorate the situation.

Five Israelis killed and more than 30 wounded in a suicide bombing attack in the Hadera market.

Issued on 19/12/2005 Type Article
The attack was carried out by the Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ), a terrorist organization guided by Damascus, working to sabotage the lull. The IDF responded with the targeted killing of PIJ operatives in the Gaza Strip and the detention of PIJ operatives in Samaria1

During an IDF operation in Tulkarm on October 23, Luai Sa’adi head of the Palestinian Islamic Jihad terrorist infrastructure in the Tulkarm district, was killed.

Issued on 19/12/2005 Type Article
Also killed was Majid al-Ashkar, a senior operative. The PIJ infrastructure was behind terrorist attacks during the lull, among them a suicide bombing attack in Netanya in July 2005 and the suicide bombing attack at the Stage Club in Tel Aviv in February 2005. The attacks were planned by the PIJ leadership in Damascus to sabotage the lull and place the organization in the forefront of terrorist acts against Israel.

Palestinian Islamic Jihad suicide bombing attacks in Jerusalem foiled

Issued on 02/09/2005 Type Article
Israeli security forces arrested Palestinian Islamic Jihad terrorist-operatives behind the suicide bombing attack at the Stage nightclub in Tel Aviv on February 25, 2005. Under interrogation they admitted that recently three attempts to infiltrate suicide bombers from the West Bank into Jerusalem had failed. The incident again shows that the Damascus-led PIJ continues its efforts to carry out mass terrorist attacks within Israel despite the current lull in the hostilities. Abu Mazen’s protests that the era of suicide bombers has ended notwithstanding, PIJ activity shows that suicide bombing attacks in Israel cities have not yet come to an end.

During an offensive activity initiated by Israeli security forces in the Tulkarm district, a senior Palestinian Islamic Jihad terrorist-operative was killed.

Issued on 02/09/2005 Type Article
The Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ) terrorist received instructions from the Islamic Jihad in Syria and directed the suicide bombing attack at the Stage Club in Tel Aviv.
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Information on The Palestinian Islamic Jihad
The Palestinian Islamic Jihad is the second largest and most important terrorist organization in the Gaza Strip. It was established in the Gaza Strip in the 1970s by students studying in Egypt, members of the Muslim Brotherhood, and headed by Dr. Fathi Shqaqi. Inspired by the Islamic Revolution in Iran, the Palestinian Islamic Jihad has a radical fundamentalist Sunni Muslim ideology, and seeks for the immediate "liberation" of Palestine through jihad (holy war) and the establishment of a Muslim Palestinian state. The Palestinian Islamic Jihad rejects any arrangement or agreement with Israel.
The Palestinian Islamic Jihad views terrorism as the only way to advance its goals. It is exclusively a terrorist organization and does to invest its resources in social or welfare activities for the Palestinian population.
The Palestinian Islamic Jihad has a military-terrorist wing called the Jerusalem Brigades which carries out terrorist attacks against Israel, including suicide bombing attacks. Today the Palestinian Islamic Jihad focuses primarily on rocket attacks, among them attacks with long-range rockets and mortar shells launched from the Gaza Strip.
The Palestinian Islamic Jihad has been designated as a terrorist organization by the United States.
The Palestinian Islamic Jihad's leadership is permanently located in Syria. The Palestinian Islamic Jihad is pro-Iranian and receives extensive support from Tehran.