The Arab-Muslim World

An anti-Israel coalition, some of whose members organized the Mavi Marmara flotilla, were encouraged by its results.

Issued on 31/08/2010 Type Article
It is currently promoting a new series of projects to embarrass and isolate Israel. They include an upgraded flotilla and a plane to the Gaza Strip.

Hamas is supported by the Arab Organization for Human Rights branch in London against the Palestinian Authority.

Issued on 29/08/2010 Type Article
It is another example of how Hamas exploits Britain for political, propaganda and legal activities. Most of the activities are aimed against Israel, but some also against the Palestinian Authority and Egypt.

Erdinç Tekir, IHH operative wounded aboard the Mavi Marmara, participated in the 1996 terrorist attack on the Russian ferry Avrasya to bargain for the release Chechens from Russian prisons.

Issued on 26/08/2010 Type Article
Information indicates a past connection between IHH, and global jihad and Islamist terrorist networks, including Chechen Islamist separatists.

The Gaza Strip as a regional exporter of terrorism:

Issued on 19/08/2010 Type Article
In June 2010 the Moroccan security forces exposed a global jihad network planning to carry out terrorist attacks against Moroccan figures, including Jews. The network was headed by a Gazan, a former Palestinian Islamic Jihad operative influenced by Al-Qaeda.

Hamas’ Al-Aqsa TV has circumvented the French media regulator’s ban by signing an agreement with Kuwaiti satellite operator Gulfsat. However, that company also uses satellites owned by Eutelsat, which was instructed by the French government to take Al-Aqs

Issued on 15/07/2010 Type Article
On June 7, 2010, the French government instructed its broadcasting authority to terminate the transmissions of Al-Aqsa TV, a channel operated by Hamas and broadcast on satellites owned by Eutelsat, a French telecommunications company based in Paris.
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Information on The Arab-Muslim World
The classic Christian anti-Semitism of Europe first struck roots in the Arab-Muslim world at the beginning of the 20th century. Initially it was a by-product of the Zionist-Arab conflict, and later, it grew, following the strengthening of radical Islam in the Arab-Muslim world. Anti-Semitism in the Arab-Muslim world is generally directed against Israel as a Jewish-Zionist country and against the Jews who support Israel, thus no clear distinction is made between criticism of Israel and anti-Jewish incitement.
Anti-Semitism in the Arab-Muslim world has increased with the anti-Semitic political interpretation of Qur'an verses and the Muslim oral tradition, used to delegitimize and demonize Zionism, the State of Israel and the Jewish People. It also legitimized terrorism against Israel and Jews.
Anti-Semitism in the Arab-Muslim world is led by the Iranian regime, which espouses strongly anti-Semitic policies combined with Holocaust denial. However, it is also a main theme for other Arab-Muslim regimes. Moreover, anti-Semitism, Holocaust denial and the use of images and terminology taken from the Nazis are deeply rooted in parts of the Arab-Muslim world , including high-ranking figures and administration institutions.