Terrorist Attacks

Operation Cast Lead Update No. 14

Issued on 14/01/2009 Type Article
IDF forces continued expanding the ground operation, reaching the outskirts of Gaza City, exposing and destroying terrorist infrastructure facilities.

Operation Cast Lead Update No. 13

Issued on 13/01/2009 Type Article
IDF reserve forces joined the ground forces fighting in the Gaza Strip, making it possible to slowly extend the ground action during the current phase.

Operation Cast Lead - Update No. 12

Issued on 12/01/2009 Type Article
During the current phase of the ground operation, IDF forces reinforced with reserve soldiers (integrated into the operation for the first time) have extended their searches and hit the military-terrorist infrastructure more deeply.

Operation Cast Lead - Update No. 11

Issued on 11/01/2009 Type Article
On January 3, IDF infantry, armored, engineering and artillery forces entered the Gaza Strip with backup from the sea and air.

Operation Cast Lead- Update No. 10

Issued on 08/01/2009 Type Article
Hamas terrorist operatives continue to avoid direct contact with IDF soldiers, preferring tactics such as sniper fire, RPG fire, mortar shell fire and IEDs. They wage their fighting from strongholds within the civilian population, exposing it to danger of attack.

Operation Cast Lead Update No. 9

Issued on 07/01/2009 Type Article
On January 6 the ground operation in the Gaza Strip continued for the third day with increased friction between the IDF and terrorist operatives.
On January 7 Israel instituted a three-hour lull in the fighting to operate a humanitarian corridor for deliveries to the Gaza Strip
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Information on Terrorist Attacks
For decades the Palestinian terrorist organizations have waged a vicious war against the State of Israel, causing untold bloodshed. Their mass-casualty suicide bombing attacks claimed hundreds of victims. It is difficult to pinpoint the exact beginning of terrorist attacks against Israel. However, after the Six Day War Palestinian terrorism accelerated and the number to terrorist attacks in Israel and abroad against Jewish and Israeli targets increased.
During the 1970s planes were hijacked by terrorists from the Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine and the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine. Most prominent at the time was a Fatah organization called Black September, which in 1972 killed 11 Israeli sportsmen at the Munich Olympics. Trans-border terrorist attacks were also carried (attacks from Jordan until 1970 and attacks from the Lebanese border), some of them targeting Israeli civilians. In the 1990s suicide bombing attacks became the main form of terrorist attack carried out by the Palestinians, first by the radical Islamic organizations, primarily Hamas, and later by the secular organizations.
There was a significant increase in terrorist attacks during the Palestinian terrorist campaign of 2000-2005 (known as the Al-Aqsa or second intifada), during which a great many attacks were carried out, including many suicide bombing attacks which disrupted daily life in Israel and threatened its large cities.
The number of terrorist attacks diminished after Operation Cast Lead and thanks to the construction of large sections of the security fence.