Terrorist Attacks

Hezbollah: Portrait of a Terrorist Organization

Issued on 29/11/2012 Type Base document
Hezbollah has a 30-year history of terrorist activity in Lebanon, the Middle East and around the globe, directed against Israel, the Jewish people, the United States and the West, pro-Western Arab states and Hezbollah's enemies in Lebanon.

Escalation in the South – Update (November 12, 13:00 Hours)

Issued on 12/11/2012 Type Article
The round of escalation in the south that began on November 10 with an anti-tank missile attack on an IDF jeep continues. So far 109 rockets have been fired into Israeli territory, as well as a number of mortar shells.

Azerbaijan as an arena for Iranian terrorism and subversion

Issued on 04/11/2012 Type Article
On October 11, 2012, the Azeri media reported that a court in Baku had convicted 22 members of a terrorist network handled by the Iranian Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC).

Do "suicide bombers" really commit suicide? *

Issued on 04/11/2012 Type Article
This article applies a psychological approach to explore and to explain the behavior of Palestinian terrorists who blow themselves up in the light of their own words.

News of Terrorism and the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict (September 25-October 2, 2012)

Issued on 02/10/2012 Type Article
This past week three rockets landed in Israeli territory. There were no casualties and no damage was done.
Mahmoud Abbas, chairman of the Palestinian Authority, delivered a militant speech to the UN General Assembly which included strong accusations against Israel and its policies.

News of Terrorism and the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict (August 29-September 4, 2012)

Issued on 04/09/2012 Type Article
This past week there was an increase in rocket hits targeting the western Negev; 12 hits in all were identified. One of them, a Grad rocket with a range of about 20 kilometers, or almost 12.5 miles, landed near the southern town of Netivot. The de-facto Hamas administration in the Gaza Strip announced a change of faces and appointed a government of 14 ministers, seven of them new.
The Palestinian Authority is still trying to decide on a date to lodge an appeal with the UN General Assembly to upgrade its status to non-member state.
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Information on Terrorist Attacks
For decades the Palestinian terrorist organizations have waged a vicious war against the State of Israel, causing untold bloodshed. Their mass-casualty suicide bombing attacks claimed hundreds of victims. It is difficult to pinpoint the exact beginning of terrorist attacks against Israel. However, after the Six Day War Palestinian terrorism accelerated and the number to terrorist attacks in Israel and abroad against Jewish and Israeli targets increased.
During the 1970s planes were hijacked by terrorists from the Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine and the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine. Most prominent at the time was a Fatah organization called Black September, which in 1972 killed 11 Israeli sportsmen at the Munich Olympics. Trans-border terrorist attacks were also carried (attacks from Jordan until 1970 and attacks from the Lebanese border), some of them targeting Israeli civilians. In the 1990s suicide bombing attacks became the main form of terrorist attack carried out by the Palestinians, first by the radical Islamic organizations, primarily Hamas, and later by the secular organizations.
There was a significant increase in terrorist attacks during the Palestinian terrorist campaign of 2000-2005 (known as the Al-Aqsa or second intifada), during which a great many attacks were carried out, including many suicide bombing attacks which disrupted daily life in Israel and threatened its large cities.
The number of terrorist attacks diminished after Operation Cast Lead and thanks to the construction of large sections of the security fence.