Spotlight on Iran

Spotlight on Iran - Another round of mutual accusations between Iran and its neighbors in the Persian Gulf

Issued on 31/12/2012 Type Article
The concluding statement of the summit of the Gulf Cooperation Council, held in the capital of Bahrain last week, has brought about yet another escalation of tensions between Iran and its Arab neighbors.

Spotlight on Iran - Release of unemployment figures reopens discourse on job crisis

Issued on 25/12/2012 Type Article
Last week the Statistical Center of Iran released up-to-date figures on labor force participation, employment, and unemployment in the country in recent years, broken down into categories according to age, province, and economic sector (services, industry, and agriculture).

Spotlight on Iran - Between blocking and joining: Supreme Leader’s Facebook page draws considerable interest from Iranian media, social networks

Issued on 23/12/2012 Type Article
The launch of a Facebook page for Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei continues to draw considerable interest from the Iranian media and social networks.

Spotlight on Iran - The economic crisis, the extent of crime, and the problem of official data in Iran

Issued on 10/12/2012 Type Article
Esma’il Ahmadi Moqaddam, chief of Iran’s internal security forces, said this week that there is no direct link between the economic sanctions and the increase in the extent of crime in Iran.

Spotlight on Iran - Is Rahim Masha'i's removal from office just a layoff or a launching pad for him to run in the elections?

Issued on 06/12/2012 Type Article
President Ahmadinejad’s decision to dismiss his controversial office chief Rahim Masha’i and name him the president’s advisor and head of the secretariat of the Non-Aligned Movement is drawing considerable interest from Iran’s political system and media.

Spotlight on Iran - If there is no cinema, let them watch TV: Iran’s film industry between political persecution and economic crisis

Issued on 05/12/2012 Type Article
A bitter dispute between filmmakers and radical circles in the conservative camp over film director Fereydoun Jirani’s new movie I’m a Mother is yet another indication of the difficulties that confront the Iranian film industry, which is facing political persecution as well as an escalating economic crisis.
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Exporting the Islamic Revolution was one of the Iranian revolution's original, basic objectives. Iran seeks regional hegemony and dominance of the Muslim world, and to that end has developed a network of underground organizations and terrorist groups within Islamic (especially Shi'ite) communities in the Middle East and around the world, including Africa, Latin America, Asia and beyond.
As one of Iran's main tools for exporting the revolution, Iran supports countries and organizations using terrorism to attack Israeli, American and Western interests; Iran seeks to destabilize and subvert pro-Western regimes to promote its own interests.
Israeli-Iranian relations had their ups and downs. During the reign of the Shah of Iran the two countries were allied politically. After the revolution and the establishment of the Islamic Republic, Iran revoked its recognition of Israel and ended all official relations with it. Khomeini often publicly expressed his extremist anti-Israeli, anti-Zionist