Marketing Terrorism

Hamas and Hezbollah expressed sympathy with the president of Sudan over the second arrest warrant issued against him by the International Criminal Court (ICC) for counts of genocide.

Issued on 20/07/2010 Type Article
On July 12, 2010, the International Criminal Court (ICC) issued a second warrant of arrest against Sudan’s President Omar al-Bashir for three counts of genocide.

Hamas’ Al-Aqsa TV has circumvented the French media regulator’s ban by signing an agreement with Kuwaiti satellite operator Gulfsat. However, that company also uses satellites owned by Eutelsat, which was instructed by the French government to take Al-Aqs

Issued on 15/07/2010 Type Article
On June 7, 2010, the French government instructed its broadcasting authority to terminate the transmissions of Al-Aqsa TV, a channel operated by Hamas and broadcast on satellites owned by Eutelsat, a French telecommunications company based in Paris.

The French government is banning Hamas’ Al-Aqsa TV for inciting hatred and encouraging terrorism.

Issued on 11/07/2010 Type Article
Hamas denounced the French government’s decision, saying that the shutdown of its channel was an assault on the freedom of speech.

Past Involvement of IHH in Supporting the Global Jihad and Radical Islam - Additional Information

Issued on 04/06/2010 Type Article
According to reliable information, IHH had links to global jihad and Islamic terrorist networks in the past and assisted jihadist terrorist cells in many countries, including Bosnia, Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan and Chechnya.

The Hamas administration in the Gaza Strip and pro-Palestinian organizations in Europe are planning a flotilla of aid to the Gaza Strip.

Issued on 12/04/2010 Type Article
The coordinators of the “ship intifada” want to avoid confrontation with the Egyptians but are taking into account confrontation with the Israeli navy backed by media and diplomatic campaigns.

The Palestinian Authority still allows and even encourages shaheeds to be turned into role models:

Issued on 11/04/2010 Type Article
In Ramallah a street is named after Yahya Ayash, the Hamas operative called “The Engineer.” He was behind suicide bombing attacks which killed several dozen Israeli civilians and were intended to sabotage the Oslo accords.
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Information on Marketing Terrorism
The Palestinian and Islamic terrorist organizations make extensive use of the written and electronic media to market and encourage terrorism. Every organization has its own media developed to market terrorism. They have radio and TV stations, newspapers and online capabilities. Hamas and Hezbollah are prominent in the field and have satellite TV channels. Al-Qaeda also has a well-developed media network.
Al-Qaeda, and in the Middle East Hezbollah and Hamas, are the organizations which have best learned how to exploit the communications revolution, using the media both to market terrorism and for terrorist activities on the ground.
The terrorist organizations around the globe have become adept at using the information revolution of the past decade and make massive use of the Internet to market terrorism. They can market terrorism without fear of censorship, using laws of freedom of expression, overcome geographic obstacles and circumvent the difficulties raised by various governments. Using the Internet to market terrorism enables them to achieve many objectives. They explain and justify their terrorist activities, collect and transmit information, increase their organizing capabilities, glorify their image, recruit and instruct operatives, etc.