Marketing Terrorism

Hamas recently upgraded its TV station and Internet sites.

Issued on 24/02/2007 Type Article
Although the Hamas government is bankrupt, the movement has invested massive sums in improving its propaganda assets, aware of their importance in the battle for hearts and minds against Israel and against its opponents in the internal Palestinian arena.

Small Investment and Large Returns: Terrorism, Media and the Economy

Issued on 22/01/2007 Type Article
This study investigates the role of the media to the impact of terrorism on the economy.

The Iranian regime operates many Arabic-language Internet sites to spread its radical Islamic ideology to the Arab and Muslim populations around the world

Issued on 19/12/2006 Type Article
The Iranian regime makes a great effort to export Khomeini’s radical Islamic ideology. One of its objectives is to advance Iran’s aspirations for hegemony in the Middle East and another is to support its political ideology and propaganda campaign against the United States and Israel.

Terrorism and Internet: Hezbollah’s widespread use of the Internet as a means to distribute anti-Israeli, anti-Jewish, and anti-American incitement as part of the war for the hearts and minds (as at December 3, 2006)

Issued on 05/12/2006 Type Article
As part of the war for the hearts and minds waged by Hezbollah, the organization, similarly to Hamas, makes extensive use of the Internet.

Hamas’s new satellite television channel: a step forward in Hamas’s battle for hearts and minds

Issued on 18/10/2006 Type Article
A Hamas-operated satellite broadcasting station named “The Light of Al-Aqsa” (Saraj al-Aqsa ) started broadcasting on October 15 in the afternoon. For the time being, the station airs archive footage of the Al-Aqsa Mosque and songs of religious character. The station will broadcast from Dubai (where the station manager, Ziyad al-Hasanat, is based) and the content will originate from Gaza

Hezbollah publications found during the second Lebanon war in south Lebanon inculcate the radical ideology of the Islamic revolution in Iran

Issued on 10/10/2006 Type Article
Hezbollah publications found during the second Lebanon war in south Lebanon inculcate the radical ideology of the Islamic revolution in Iran, and glorify jihad, shahada (death as a martyr) and the personality cults of the Ayatollah Khomeini and ‘Ali Khamenei.
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Information on Marketing Terrorism
The Palestinian and Islamic terrorist organizations make extensive use of the written and electronic media to market and encourage terrorism. Every organization has its own media developed to market terrorism. They have radio and TV stations, newspapers and online capabilities. Hamas and Hezbollah are prominent in the field and have satellite TV channels. Al-Qaeda also has a well-developed media network.
Al-Qaeda, and in the Middle East Hezbollah and Hamas, are the organizations which have best learned how to exploit the communications revolution, using the media both to market terrorism and for terrorist activities on the ground.
The terrorist organizations around the globe have become adept at using the information revolution of the past decade and make massive use of the Internet to market terrorism. They can market terrorism without fear of censorship, using laws of freedom of expression, overcome geographic obstacles and circumvent the difficulties raised by various governments. Using the Internet to market terrorism enables them to achieve many objectives. They explain and justify their terrorist activities, collect and transmit information, increase their organizing capabilities, glorify their image, recruit and instruct operatives, etc.