Spotlight on Iran - Support for Syria comes to Facebook: supporters of Iran’s military involvement in Syria increase their social network presence

Issued on 25/08/2013 Type Article
In the past several months, elements affiliated with the Iranian regime have considerably stepped up their Facebook activity in a public relations move to spread a message of support for the Iranian military involvement in Syria.

Spotlight on Iran - Socio-civic campaign against the sanctions launched in the wake of Rowhani’s election for president

Issued on 19/08/2013 Type Article
Top Iranian economists and academia members have recently launched a public relations campaign with the aim of bringing about the removal of the economic sanctions imposed on Iran.

The Revolutionary Guards' involvement in the economy comes under increasing criticism following Rowhani’s victory in the presidential election

Issued on 08/08/2013 Type Article
Ever since Rowhani’s victory in the Iranian presidential election, there has been a growing swell of voices in the country calling to restrict the involvement of the armed forces - and particularly the Revolutionary Guards - in the economy.

This year events were again held for Iranian-sponsored Jerusalem Day.

Issued on 06/08/2013 Type Article
This year events were again held for Iranian-sponsored Jerusalem Day. Not well attended, they received scant media coverage. As in previous years, the events were exploited for propaganda and incitement against Israel, the United States and the West, with vague and explicit calls for the destruction of Israel.

News of Terrorism and the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict (July 31 – August 6, 2013)

Issued on 06/08/2013 Type Article
Israel's south was quiet this past week. In Judea and Samaria violent events continued, After the renewal of negotiations between Israel and the Palestinians in Washington, the two sides are expected to meet locally to continue the talks.

Spotlight on Iran - Rowhani’s proposed government line-up: characteristics and implications

Issued on 05/08/2013 Type Article
Earlier this week president-elect Hassan Rowhani submitted to the Majles presidency a list of ministerial candidates for his new government. The nomination of the candidates requires the approval of the Majles.
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Information on Iran
Exporting the Islamic Revolution was one of the Iranian revolution's original, basic objectives. Iran seeks regional hegemony and dominance of the Muslim world, and to that end has developed a network of underground organizations and terrorist groups within Islamic (especially Shi'ite) communities in the Middle East and around the world, including Africa, Latin America, Asia and beyond.
As one of Iran's main tools for exporting the revolution, Iran supports countries and organizations using terrorism to attack Israeli, American and Western interests; Iran seeks to destabilize and subvert pro-Western regimes to promote its own interests.
Israeli-Iranian relations had their ups and downs. During the reign of the Shah of Iran the two countries were allied politically. After the revolution and the establishment of the Islamic Republic, Iran revoked its recognition of Israel and ended all official relations with it. Khomeini often publicly expressed his extremist anti-Israeli, anti-Zionist positions even while living in exile. Relations between Iran and Israel became even more strained when Ahmadinejad rose to power in 2005. The regime in Iran repeatedly states its intention of destroying Israel and its policies, which include Holocaust denial, are both anti-Israeli and anti-Semitic.
To implement its anti-Israeli policies Iran has broadened its ties to the terrorist organizations operating against Israel. Iran encourages the terrorist organizations, especially the Palestinian Islamic Jihad and Hezbollah, to attack Israel, and finances and arms both organizations. In recent years large shipments of weapons from Iran have been intercepted as they were en route to the Palestinian terrorist organizations.
To promote its regional and global interests and aspirations, Iran is developing military nuclear capabilities and developing long-range missiles and war heads which can reach Israel, the rest of the Middle East and Europe.