Issued on 02/08/2009 Type Article
This detailed Paper discusses a range of factual and international legal issues relating to the military operation undertaken by the Israel Defence Forces (“IDF”) in Gaza in December 2008-January 2009 (the “Gaza Operation”). The Paper has been prepared at this time in order to place the Gaza Operation in its proper factual and legal context.

The Islamization process promoted by Hamas in the Gaza Strip and its social and political implications on the local, the Middle Eastern, and the international scenes

Issued on 30/07/2009 Type Article
Ever since it took over the Gaza Strip in June 2007, Hamas has been promoting a process of gradual Islamization, designed to further its vision of establishing a Palestinian state based on Islamic religious law (shari’ah).

Terrorism and the media: Hamas gives priority and invests resources in rehabilitating, reinforcing and expanding its media empire, damaged during Operation Cast Lead.

Issued on 23/07/2009 Type Article
Since its inception Hamas has been well aware of the importance of the battle for hearts and minds in its campaign against Israel.

Terrorism and media: Bitter dispute within Al-Quds TV, Hamas’s satellite TV channel, which began broadcasting from Beirut seven months ago, led to the dismissal of an Algerian journalist.

Issued on 07/07/2009 Type Article
He criticized the channel’s triviality and exposed its Iranian financing, also used for the directors’ life of luxury.

The Israeli security forces detained Abd al-Rahman Talalqeh, a Popular Resistance Committees operative in the Gaza Strip.

Issued on 06/07/2009 Type Article
The Israeli security forces detained Abd al-Rahman Talalqeh, a Popular Resistance Committees operative in the Gaza Strip. He was dispatched into Israel through Sinai to establish a network to carry out attacks.

The Gaza Strip after Operation Cast Lead: The rebuilding of the civilian and military infrastructure in the Gaza Strip carried out by Hamas. At the same time, Hamas continues entrenching its control of the Gaza Strip.

Issued on 18/06/2009 Type Article
Operation Cast Lead caused severe damage to Hamas’s military, security, administrative and civilian structures in the Gaza Strip, as well as to the infrastructure and public installations from or near which Hamas operated during the fighting. In the six months since the fighting ended, Hamas has made an effort to restore its internal security forces and military-terrorist wing (the Izz al-Din al-Qassam Brigades) to their previous strength and to upgrade their capabilities. At the same time, Hamas strives to control and supervise the rebuilding process, while not allowing the Palestinian Authority to gain a foothold.
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Information on Hamas
Hamas is a fundamentalist Sunni Muslim organization founded in the Gaza Strip in 1987 by members of the Muslim Brotherhood. It seeks to establish an Islamic state on the entire territory of the State of Israel and does not recognize Israel's right to exist.
The Hamas leadership has two branches: the internal leadership, which controls the de-facto Hamas administration in the Gaza Strip, responsible for the day-to-day activities of governing the Gaza Strip population; and the external leadership, Hamas' political bureau, located beyond the borders of the Gaza Strip (primarily in Syria). The external leadership maintains relations with various countries and bodies, and deals mainly with raising money and finding other resources for Hamas.
According to the Hamas charter, the document on which its policies and propaganda are based, the only way the movement can achieve its ends, i.e., the establishment of a fundamentalist Islamic state, is through an armed terrorist campaign to achieve the destruction Israel. Hamas' military-terrorist wing, the Izz al-Din al-Qassam Brigades, carries out terrorist attacks against Israel, including rocket, mortar and suicide bombing attacks.
Hamas has been designated as a terrorist organization by the United States and the European Union.
Over the years Hamas has challenged the PLO and the Palestinian Authority, causing conflicts between the sides, culminating in June 2007 with Hamas' violent takeover of the Gaza Strip and the suppression of Fatah and the Palestinian Authority.