Financing Terrorism

The Palestinian Islamic Jihad Internet infrastructure and its Internet Webhosts

Issued on 30/12/2005 Type Article
The Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ) is a terrorist organization specializing in planning and carrying out suicide bombing attacks in Israeli cities. For the past year, sponsored and supported by Iran and Syria, it has operated non-stop to sabotage the lull in the fighting and to escalate the violence in the ongoing Israeli-Palestinian confrontation. Since the beginning of 2005 it has carried out a series of deadly suicide bombing attacks in Tel Aviv, Hadera and Netanya (2 attacks) killing 21 civilians and wounding approximately 160.

Using the Internet to market terrorism

Issued on 18/12/2005 Type Article
at the World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS) in Tunis (November 16-18, 2005), Israeli Foreign Minister Silvan Shalom based his remarks, among other sources, on an Intelligence and Terrorism Information Center Special Bulletin about Hamas Internet sites. Israel won a diplomatic victory at the Summit when the issue of countering terrorism on the Internet was included in the Summit’s closing statement. Hamas reported the matter on its sites and even noted that Minister Shalom used a Bulletin which appeared on the Center for Special Studies Website.

Marketing terrorism by Internet:

Issued on 18/12/2005 Type Article
the Hamas terrorist movement continues
using Internet Service Providers in Eastern Europe and South
East Asia to operate its leading sites

Using the Internet to market terrorism:

Issued on 02/09/2005 Type Article
The Palestinian Islamic Jihad markets its terrorist messages using Internet sites supported by Western
(mainly American) companies (despite the fact it has been declared a terrorist organization by both
the United States and the European Union)

Marketing of terrorism through the Internet:

Issued on 02/09/2005 Type Article
The marketing of Hamas' messages of hatred and terrorism through an extensive network consisting of approx. 20 active websites. These websites are serviced by various companies worldwide, primarily by East European and East Asian companies (first priority) and US companies (second priority)
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Information on Financing Terrorism
To carry out their activities the terrorist organizations have to have a steady source of financing. In many instances they are financed illegally, but there are also many terrorist organizations are financed by legal sources, among them contributions, charitable societies, etc. Sometimes donors are unaware that their money is being used to finance terrorism. The terrorism-sponsoring states also provide funds.
Hamas operates an extensive social infrastructure based on donations. Over the years many funds and foundations in many countries have been founded to finance the movement. A considerable amount of the money does reach its social infrastructure, but a considerable amount also goes, directly and indirectly, to finance terrorism.
An ITIC bulletin based on documents and information collected during Operation Defensive Shield showed that Yasser Arafat was personally involved in planning and financing Palestinian terrorism carried out by the Palestinian Authority. According to the report, funds from the European Union and donor countries were used to finance terrorism, and the Arab states also provided funds to finance terrorism. Today Mahmoud Abbas' administration publicly rejects terrorism and claims that the Al-Aqsa intifada caused the Palestinians serious difficulties.
One of the ways to fight terrorism is by cutting off its finances. However, as sources are cut off, more sophisticated and varied ways are found to replace them.