Convoys and Flotillas

Dozens of organizations participating in the campaign to delegitimize Israel are planning a propaganda display at Israel's Ben-Gurion International Airport, on or around July 8.

Issued on 05/07/2011 Type Article
Hundreds of activists/passengers are supposed to fly to Israel on regular commercial flights to participate in the display. After the event, activities are planned for Israel, Judea and Samaria until July 16. Prominent among the organizers is the ISM, an extreme leftist network based in the United States specializing in sending activists to friction points in the territories.

Freedom Flotilla 2 (Update, June 30, 2011)

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The flotilla organizers face technical, bureaucratic and political difficulties. Nevertheless, for the time being they are preparing to dispatch the flotilla, even though there will be fewer ships. There is a growing discrepancy between the original plan for the flotilla and the current problematical situation, from the organizers' point of view. In the meantime there are more indications of the presence of violent elements among the passengers.

The Canadians and Americans about to set sail with the flotilla from Greece participated in a short training workshop covering various topics and centering on "passive resistance" to IDF soldiers.

Issued on 27/06/2011 Type Article
The Canadians and Americans about to set sail with the flotilla from Greece participated in a short training workshop covering various topics and centering on "passive resistance" to IDF soldiers. Several flotilla organizers said the training was meant to present a "nonviolent" response to an Israeli attempt to take control of the ship. However, the flotilla's hard core, including Arab participants, may use violent methods. In addition, documentation of passenger resistance was apparently practiced and the participants were taught how to hide electronic storage devices from the IDF soldiers.

The Upcoming Flotilla to the Gaza Strip Update (June 22, 2011)

Issued on 24/06/2011 Type Article
The organizers of Freedom Flotilla 2 face difficulties but are determined to dispatch the flotilla, even with fewer ships than originally planned, despite its lack of world legitimacy and in the face of political pressure and technical difficulties.

The use of nonviolent tactics is planned for the upcoming flotilla to the Gaza Strip. In effect, it is liable to be translated into hard violence directed against the IDF

Issued on 15/06/2011 Type Article
The organizers of Freedom Flotilla 2 have repeatedly emphasized its purportedly humanitarian character and their commitment to respond to expected "Israeli violence" with civil resistance and nonviolence.

Changes in the Nature and Schedule of the African Aid Convoys to the Gaza Strip (Update, June 12, 2011)

Issued on 14/06/2011 Type Article
According to updated information, changes were recently made in the route, schedule and nature of the South African convoy to the Gaza Strip, which was supposed to depart during the third week of June 2011.
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Information on Convoys and Flotillas
The naval closure Israel imposed on the Gaza Strip led to a wave of protest actions by pro-Palestinian organizations, most of which centered around so-called "aid" convoys and flotillas. One of the most prominent was the Mavi Marmara flotilla.
The convoys and flotillas are part of the campaign to delegitimize Israel. Convoys and flotillas are organized by anti-Israeli networks and activists from the Middle East and around the world.
The flotillas are not fundamentally intended to bring supplies to the Gaza Strip but rather to challenge Israel, erode the legitimacy of its naval closure and strengthen the position of the de-facto Hamas administration; the convoys have basically the same purpose. The convoy and flotilla organizers seek to hamper the IDF's freedom of action to prevent weapons and terrorist operatives from entering the Gaza Strip.
The international community rejected the claim of the closure's illegitimacy, stating that aid could be transferred overland to the residents of the Gaza Strip without flotillas to challenge Israel. The international community has been critical of the convoys and flotillas and expressed reservations regarding them. According to the UN Palmer Commission Report, which addressed the issue, Israel's naval closure of the Gaza Strip is a legitimate security measure taken in self defense.